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Are health hazards of those taking mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines a non-issue?

By Jeswan Kaur* 

The narrative surrounding the Wuhan virus infamously called Covid-19 is as mind boggling as the lies and ignorance surrounding it. The result – a just as confused and scared population the world over, unsure of the truths and nature of the virus and safety of the hastily produced vaccines.
Making matters worse is the blatant disregard for truth and abject disregard for the safety and well-being of the people. One such horror comes in the form a consultant paediatrician Dr Musa Mohd Nordin who has refuted the fact that the Covid-19 vaccines are experimental in nature.
His ”understanding” – technology used in the making of these vaccines is not a new find and has been used in the past.
The Sinar in its March 3, 2022 publication quoted Dr Musa as saying:
“I think people who are saying the Covid-19 vaccine is experimental only now know about vaccines whereas the mRNA technology has been known since 1990 while ‘inactivated vaccine’ has been known since 1950.
“The Covid-19 vaccine has been used by 6.5 billion people worldwide and which means it is no longer experimental.”
Further misleading remarks from Dr Musa had him saying that those who rejected the vaccines and relied solely on their natural immunity to prevent being infected were only endangering themselves citing the United Kingdom as one nation having made such a mistake.
Now, where do I begin to educate this consultant paediatrician? That billions have been jabbed with the Covid-19 vaccines is how Dr Musa wants to justify its existence?
What happened to the years of trials necessary in the making of a vaccine? The pitfalls and harm that come with a new vaccine or finding?
Are health hazards being faced by those vaccinated with the mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines a non-issue? If indeed the Covid-19 vaccines are not experimental in nature, why the hesitancy from the Malaysian government to undertake any form of assurance to allay public fears?
That vaccine manufacturers, doctors and governments throughout the world are playing safe by clutching on a zero-liability “loophole” to avoid accountability in terms of Covid-19 vaccines safety and defects speaks volumes.
Yet there are ill-informed and unethical doctors like Dr Musa who have no qualms promoting these dangerous vaccines. Just how much does he understand the miseries vaccines in general have caused, be they for rubella or polio and now Covid- 19?
mRNA vaccines specialise in gene editing and where Covid-19 goes, the vaccines have proven to be neither safe or effective given the adverse reactions they have caused in those who are vaccinated.
That and the fact that those vaccinated still end up being infected and go on to infect others begs proper and honest mulling, not some agenda-based responses.
Dr Musa’s hostility towards natural immunity is worrying. Instead of rejoicing over our natural immunity, he has poured scorn over it, finding faults instead of giving it the attention and value it deserves. Natural immunity is the “Archilles heel” of the vaccine programme.
Likewise, the Covid-19 virus has yet to be isolated. So why all the “chaos” around it? What about the vaccine ingredients – mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, fetal bovine serum, African monkey kidney cells which bring with them SV40 virus which causes HIV, modified human embryonic kidney cells, genetically modified organisms and graphene oxide among others – how do they heal the individual?
Dare Dr Musa negate these facts? Or is he even aware of the reality behind the Covid-19 vaccines?
The truth is liberating. Perhaps Oscar Wilde has said it best “the truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
*Journalist based in Malaysia



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