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The term “alternative media” is in vogue worldwide for providing information from non-conventional sources, in contrast to the mainstream media, which is, more often than not,  a commercial venture. An international trend, alternative media differs from mainstream media in form, content and audience relations. One of its principal features is, it sources information from alternative, contrasting quarters.
In, an attempt has been made to do this with the active support of all those who feel that official information cannot be synonymous to authenticity. Sources of news site are, as far as possible, alternative, often contrasting, and not necessarily those on which the mainstream media heavily relies upon – the ruling establishment, economic or administrative. Many may feel this is a bias of a different kind, yet, without any grudge, is guided by a different set of framework.
Begun in February 2013, the news items of do not seek to interpret; rather, they present facts obtained from alternative sources, which may or may not be available in public domain, allowing readers to make independent conclusions. They do not tell the reader what and how to think. As for views, they are represent those of the authors, and are not those of 

A closer look at the word "counterview" reveals something interesting --  it doesn't just mean "an opposite point of view", but also "a position in which two dissimilar things illustrate each other by opposition; contrast" (click HERE). In this sense,  "counterview" would connote reflecting news and views from alternative (even irreconcilable) sources.  
A wholly voluntary venture, is not supported by any organization. It is inspired by the view expressed by litterateur George Orwell, who said, "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations." A more recent definition of journalism has been by Andrew Gelman, professor of statistics and political science at the Columbia University. His take is...
"Journalism: Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.
Public relations: Serve the client (who is likely to be comfortable)."
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