SAARC's Kathmandu summit in November should form human rights mechanism: Civil rights groups

Gujarat govt wants industries dept to "handle" pleas to appoint manual scavengers as temple priests

Gujarat government move to "revive" the SIR pruned last year, which houses site for Maruti-Suzuki plant

Financial inclusion under Jan Dhan? Gujarat under Modi a poor performer compared to all-India average

Gujarat's annual agri-festival krishi mahotsav helped big farmers more than small ones: Survey results

Influential NGOs on Congress Lok Sabha flopshow: It was defeat of progressives to provide alternative

Former tea seller's son, Modi is "proximate" to influential, wealthy and business groups: Forbes commentary

Top environmentalist attacks NDA government for "dismantling" environmental regulatory system

Human Rights Watch to Modi: Work to rehabilitate manual scavengers, show willingness to support community

Delhi meet to network regional human rights issues in South Asia, implementation of UN conventions

Narmada oustees in Madhya Pradesh are "rightful owners" of land acquired from them under new law: NBA

RTI applicant alleges Gujarat CM didn't reveal in 2012 poll affidavit that she was company director

Activists' "fact-finding" tour of MP, Gujarat, Maharashtra to survey plight of 2.5 lakh Narmada dam oustees

Workers sacked in Gujarat for protesting against manual scavenging, called "national shame" by Gandhiji

Contradictory winds?: Subramanian, who opposed India's WTO stance, to be Modi's chief economic adviser

Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan: Gujarat fails to achieve target in constructing toilets in schools, anganwadis

Women's empowerment?: Gujarat police wants women not to come come out of their home in T-shits and jeans

Gujarat Dalits' long wait for alternative land site for continuing hereditary occupation of tanning

BJP mouthpiece quotes Modi to say Batra books, criticized for spreading fundamentalism, are "exemplary"

Modi's all-rhetoric-no-reform shtick is becoming all-too-familiar in Asia, says Bloomberg View columnist

Architects, urban planners ask Gujarat authorities not to repeat Sabarmati riverfront "model" in Vadodara

CRY survey suggests Gujarat government "manipulated" data on toilets, drinking water in primary schools

Japanese daily attacks Modi's 'intransigent, contradictory' views, and 'disavowed' parochialism

Gujarat police case against Teesta Setelvad is an effort to "discredit" human rights defenders: PUCL

High profile Indian NGO joins world counterparts, protests Govt of India, others' "deep interest" in seabed mining

Global Peace Index: Ranking India 143rd of 162 countries, study warns Maoist insurgency is biggest challenge

Gujarat's huge privatisation of education is "not inclusive". It hasn't generated jobs or improved quality

Protesters against proposed N-power plant in Gujarat fear Central move may accelerate land acquisition

Union leaders sacked for protesting "illegal" practice of manual scavenging in small Gujarat town

Gujarat's growth story: Per annum net value added 22%, job generation 3%, tax collection 3%, R&D 1%

Hazardous pesticides in tea: MNC Uniliver, Modi favourite Tatas, top Gujarat brand Wagh Bakri blamed

Gujarat govt's largesse to mega investors: Just 2% of Rs 54,000 cr industrial subsidies went to small sector

Sharp rise of whistleblowers' complaints to Central Vigilance Commission; drop in investigations

Fresh directions on Narmada dam oustees' corruption case: MP high court refuses to hear Gujarat petition

Manual scavenging in Gujarat: Human Rights Commission intervenes, seeks report within four weeks

Controversial Adani coal-mining project, uranium supply top on agenda during Modi's November Aussie visit

Demand for CBI inquiry into Rajasthan government's "fraudulant land grab" of Gandhian institution

Stay granted on eviction of cattle breeders of Aliyebet, proposed as Narendra Modi's El Dorado in 2010

World Bank seeks to "modernise" environment safeguards, NGOs say it is "reversing generation of gains"

Amnesty International asks chemical giant Dow to come clean on 1984 Bhopal gas catastrophe

Gujarat's rural model? Water logged village, dilapidated school building, inedible grain for midday meal

Government of India all set to further relax environmental clearance norms, give more power to states

"Setback" to Govt of India on cases of corruption in land allotment to Narmada dam oustees: NBA

Disillusioned? Top pro-Modi economist wonders if, like Raja Bhoja, NDA govt believes it is omniscient

Showcased as urban model by Modi, Sabarmati riverfront has "worsened" life for uprooted slumdwellers

Arundhati lecture: Anti-caste publisher releases video, transcript which termed Gandhiji a "false Mahatma"

Gandhiji quoted as saying his anti-untouchability view has little space for inter-dining with "lower" castes

Gujarat-based NGO finds serious human rights violation in J&K during its campaign for Right to Information

"Economist" shocker: Mukesh Ambani's Reliance is rotten role model, secretive, national embarrassment