Be wary of Mann ki Baat: Modi dumbs down issues comprehensively, deliberately

Right-wing economist Bhandari unhappy with Modi govt's effort to "whittle down" left-of-centre academics

Will opinions put forth by right-wing groups alone be allowed on IIT-Madras campus?

Gujarat bureaucrat Aloria, "instrumental" in seeking inquiry against Ford Foundation, made state chief secretary

To campaign against Adani coal project, Australian natives will meet bankers in New York, London, Zurich, Hong Kong

Sanskrit imposition meant to spread Brahminical order: Decognized anti-Modi Ambedkar-Pariyar group hits back

Modi's plea to farmers to retain a third of holding for farming: Shifting people from Bharat to India

India's malnourished population rises from 189.9 to 194.6 million in 2011-15, blame it on "neo-liberal" model, FAO suggests

Indian silence on humanitarian crisis in neighbouring Burma: Human Rights Watch plea to regional govts to support UN effort

Fifty Gujarat NGOs "join hands" with Congress, AAP, Swaraj Samvad, decide to start "mega agitation" against Modi

Opposition to land acquisition bill very wide, extend time for representing to parliamentary panel: NAPM

Modi govt committed to Ram Temple, Article 370, uniform civil code, wait for two-thirds majority: Amit Shah

Username India, password Gujarat: Even choreographed auction of pinstripe suit "chose" Modi's home state

Ahmedabad has lowest percent of regular female workers: Insecure at workplace?

Right to Education?: Rs 25,620 crore Central funds for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan remain unutilized in 2014-15

Gujarat govt withdraws permission to Swaraj Samvad meet, leader Yogendra Yadav calls Modi "authoritarian"

French "ethnographic" inquiry calls Ahmedabad's Juhapura, a Muslim ghetto, model on which Modi built career

India's 80% senior executives believe corruption, bribery "happen widely in business", up from 70% last year

US study tells Indian policy makers: Larger families discourage households to send children to schools

Anti-Atrocities Act's provision is vague, overbroad, can be "ripe for abuse", change it: PEN International

Indian laws "criminalize" difference of opinion, should be in line with UN framework: PEN International

Top British weekly Economist accuses Modi of behaving like Gujarat chief minister

Pepsi bottling plant may access water with police protection amidst allegations of groundwater shortage

India ranks 24th among 70 countries in Environmental Democracy Index

A Nirbhaya from Hyderabad: Why is there no protest? Because she is not from Delhi?

Hindus 25% more likely to defecate in open than Muslims, says US research study

Draft National Tourism Policy: Placing central bureaucracy, corporates at core

Modi's Make in India campaign will help trigger greater migration from rural to urban areas: Arvind Panagariya

Setback to grassroots justice: Govt of India "backtracks" on village-level courts

US-supported study regrets poor state of Indian scientific research vis-a-vis several developing countries

Media houses behaving like cheerleaders of Modi on foreign trip, but "ignore" major humanitarian crisis in Myanmar

Attack on climate activists is Indian nationalist xenophobia, may "undermine" country's stance at Paris meet: ICN

Gajarat govt admits failure to promote organic farming, regrets excessive use of chemicals, water and soil erosion

India's failed model?: Urban Gujarat is poor performer in solid waste management

Need to deepen fight against Modi government, seeking to do away with social existence in rural areas in one sweep

Modi government drops handicrafts, artisan SEZ in Kutch, Gujarat, says state developers "not interested"

India blocks listing of chrysotile asbestos in Rotterdam Convention: Hides behind smokescreen of bogus science

PM's China visit: Made in China hallmark of relations with northern neighbour

Heads I win, tails you lose. Modi doesn't believe in sharing power, he only commands

India opposes international convention to list asbestos as hazardous substance, invites campaigners' ire

Degradation of juducial system: Criminals feel free to intimidate judiciary

Narmada dam oustees: Claims of complete resettlement by Centre, states "false", thousands still affected

Gujarat Dalits face social boycott at religious function in village adopted by head of state administration

Lok Sabha nod to 'regressive' whistleblower bill: Complainant against Government functionary required to pass 32 tests

Top British weekly Economist warns Modi clampdown on NGOs will boomerang