"Bailing out" Modi, US religious freedom panel attacks his right-hand Amit Shah's call for national anti-conversion law

Govts of India, Gujarat top recipients of Ford Foundation grants; its top brass include Infosys' Narayana Murthy

Top Gandhi baiter Arundhati Roy 'supports' Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj concept

Attacking Modi support to crony capitalism and neo-liberalism, AAP splinter Swaraj Samvad not to ally with Communists

Australian greens accuse Adani Group of making "false promises" of economic benefits from coalmining project

Most smartphone users in India feel mobile broadband services are "too expensive"

Just 8.2% projects stalled due to land acquisition, 4.2% for environmental reasons: Union finance ministry

Gujarat construction workers' "welfare"? Rs 909 crore lying 'idle' since 2006, just nine of 600 paid death compensation

Condition of slums deteriorate in Gujarat, Ahmedabad; become more vulnerable

BJP's poll exigencies behind sharp dip in Narmada's hydropower generation

Heavy-handed regulation, slow-moving reforms characterize Modi's one year in office: Vodafone chief

Politics and prejudice: BJP, Congress converged with hysterical attacks on AAP

Explore heavy militarization of Kashmir as reason behind Sept 2014 flood: Srinagar-based civil society coalition group

India worse than Pakistan, Bangladesh, China in world happiness index: Columbia Univ-sponsored study

Gujarat fishermen "sue" World Bank Group in US Federal Court for loss of livelihood, adverse impact on health

Biometric aadhaar is linked to land acquisition, land titling: Inform Supreme Court about violation of its orders

Seven Adivasis, including three women, brutally attacked in South Gujarat: Protests planned on Foundation Day, May 1

It's our turn to lead! Reflections by a Jesuit on the Earth Day, April 22

Gujarat grassroots leaders "amend" negative perception towards Medha Patkar, Narmada Bachao Andolan

Sharp shooter and fast scooter: How flow of rhetoric catapulted Modi to power

Govt of India report ranks Gujarat No 23 among 25 states in national slum improvement index

Top AAP rebel calls Kejriwal Stalin, his, Bhushans' expulsion Stalinist purge

Modi's Rafale deal in France "reminds" one of how tinpot dictators would carry fat chequebooks during trips abroad

Law criminalizing cow slaughter, possession of beef "violates" state's mandate not to enforce religious practices on people

Muslims earn "peanuts" from meat business, even as India is on way to become world's largest exporter: Study

Narmada dam oustees withdraw agitation after Maharashtra govt agrees not to shift them to Gujarat for rehabilitation

Anti-dam Adivasi, Dalit protesters again fired upon in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, casualties reported

Gujarat slipped in fight against child marriage during Narendra Modi's chief ministership: Census data

RSS, Sangh Parivar consider tricolour as "state flag" and not "national flag"

International journalists' body: World Bank has "failed" to keep promise to alleviate plight of project affected people

Paucity of land for Narmada dam oustees in Maharashtra: Adivasis agitate at Nashik

2002 Gujarat 'massacre': Canadian Court issues summons for Prime Minister Modi; attorney general blocks it

Civil society groups tell Gujarat governor: New anti-terror law will mean undeclared emergency in the state

An insider's view of rebel AAP meet Swaraj Samwad led by Prashant Bhushan

Gujarat's solar slowdown: Top state adviser blames inertia on "problem of plenty"

Sabrang Trust, CJP do not see themselves above law; expect others to do so as well

If anti-terror bill is signed by Gujarat governor, it will be mockery of democracy

AAP imbroglio: Rules for the attempted reconciliation were not fully followed

New York Times protests Modi government crackdown on Greenpeace as attempt to "silence citizens"

Narmada oustees gain fishing rights in reservoir after 30 years' struggle

Anti-dam protesters, demonstrating against land acquisition ordinance, attacked in Sonbhadra, UP

Introduce disincentives for "irresponsible" corporates: Pro-Modi babu on CSR

"Repeal" Gujarat anti-terror bill, it's "incompatible" with human rights norms

Anti-caste campaign launched as Gujarat rural schools "display" caste, sub-caste of children on notice boards

Involve national rural jobs guarantee scheme for encouraging millet production

Gujarat's 41 per cent maternal deaths occur below the age of 25: Report

Gujarat NGO workshop doubts govt claims on reduced maternal mortality rate

GUJCOTOC: Another draconian law from Gujarat in the name of fighting terrorism

Modi govt move to suspend Greenpeace's foreign funds, freeze accounts described "curb" on free speech

RK's Plainspeak. Model Disrobed, CAG Flicks Fig Leaf

Tata Mundra financier ADB's compliance body finds "major lapses" while identifying adverse impact on environment