Study in Delhi area finds 40% of chickens have presence of antibiotic residues harmful for humans

Top campaign bodies accuse Modi govt of "accelerating" policies that undermine social protection

Ahead of July 30 World Bank board meet, world opposition to "relaxation" in safeguards for poor grows

Aussie nod to Adani coal mining project: Greenpeace thunders, "Don't assume this is end of story"

Dilution? World Bank draft "undermines" appraisal need for project resettlement due to land acquisition

Contract workers of a small Gujarat town provide strong proof of prevalence of manual scavenging

The New York Times editorial: Censorship back in India "with vengeance", reminiscent of Emergency days

"Proof" that Narmada dam oustees' rehab is incomplete: Emergency plan amid dangers of submergence

Moratorium on India's "most polluted" industrial cluster, Gujarat's Vapi, lifted; "reassessment" ordered

"Undue benefits" in Gujarat to business groups Reliance, Adani, Essar under Modi government: CAG

Dholera SIR challenged: Gujarat High Court bench issues notice to state, central government

World Bank prepares new advisory: Free, prior, informed consent "must" for land acquisition for any project

World Bank begins investigation into eviction of salt-pan workers in Gujarat following NGO complaint

UN support to common civil code? 'Eliminate multiple legal systems of marriage, family affairs in India'

United Nations body recalls Gujarat riots, insists on enacting "dropped" communal violence bill

Reserve Bank study finds Gujarat has to spend huge funds from coffers to pay up for interest taken on loan

Gujarat government officials' indifference leads to denial of pension, other benefits to helpless widows

Adani-POSCO agreement on sensitive coalmining project in Australia sends "shivers down global investors"

Reliance think-tank advises Modi govt: Involve private sector in defence manufacturing in big way

Govt of India "subsidy" to corporate houses in 2013-14 could fund rural jobs scheme for three decades

Muslims less likely to benefit from basic services in Kolkata slums, says study by Gujarat-based institute

To new ICHR chief, evidence is not important to "fix" historicity of Ramayana, Mahabharata

Gujarat Dalits off Somnath protest forcible eviction from the land they were cultivating for decades

Gujarat minister's "illegal" announcement: Invest in Vapi, Ankaleshwar, Vatva; Centre's moratorium ends

Arun Jaitley's budget for 2014-15 'ignores' plight of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes: NCDHR

Permission denied to hold dharna on plight of real estate workers, citing ongoing Gujarat assembly session

Setback to raise Narmada dam? Jabalpur High Court seeks details of outees' rehabilitation from authorities

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor in spot: Protest against move to turn land acquisition law corporate friendly

$55 million "channeled" to Sangh Parivar in 2001-12: US report released by South Asia Citizens Web

Deadly occupational disease silicosis kills 15th victim in Gujarat, highest No of deaths since 2010

Rangarajan committee report: 11 major states out of 20 have lesser percentage of poor than Gujarat

Annual Plan: Gujarat govt spent well on infrastructure, industry, neglected rural development, irrigation

High interest payment, low social sector spending bog Gujarat budget for 2014-15: Pathey

Stoking religious divisions is something Modi "still needs to do" in future: Pulitzer Prize winning journo

"Disregarding" Whistleblowers Act, Central govt creates "internal mechanism" for receiving complaints

Gujarat's Movement for Secular Democracy "clarifies": It is not an NGO, does not receive foreign funds

Top corporate group "invokes" IB report to fight campaign against displacement of 50,000 villagers

Labour under stress: Gujarat's lag in wages vis-a-vis all-India grows over the years, says fresh study

Study finds scant regard for labour laws in units under Gujarat Industrial Development Corp estate