Post-poll meet: People's Union for Civil Liberties "ignores" human rights activists under saffron attack

Act against Gujarat-based rights activist in the same way as cops pounced on anti-Modi Facebooker: Goa CM

Vibrant Gujarat: It took five years for Dalits to be finally allowed to enter village temple on public land

Parliament has "no powers" to abrogate Article 370, which provides special status to Jammu & Kashmir

Gujarat High Court asked to "proactively disclose" monitoring system set up on pending cases

A former village head, who happens to be Dalit, fatally attacked in a village 59 kilometres from Rajkot

Show transparency, make public presentations on lapses, triumphs of last government: PMO advised

Green pressure: Two top European banks withdraw support to Adanis' $12 billion Australian coal project

Barred from accessing water from the common bore, Dalits say they are being forced to migrate from village

Calling him "unapologetic", NYT editorially asks Modi to be just to Gujarat's 4,000 displaced Muslim families

Gujarat authorities "encouraged" communal segregation while resettling Sabarmati riverfront oustees

Activist Shabnam Hashmi claims EVMs were subjected to "right-wing manipulation", courtesy "mole" in UPA

Ahmedabad's youngsters poorer property buyers as against other comparable cities, says survey

Now, CNN calls Modi a "deeply polarizing figure" and "unproven commodity" on world stage

"Barred" in several countries, top international media group questions reliability of EVM machines in India

Be ruthless, end "archaic" labour laws, allow firms to buy land, cut subsidies to poor: "Economist" to Modi

Little evidence to suggest that RTI being misused against nationalized banks, contends senior activist

Ahead of Modi win, Reserve Bank recommends policy change: Don't apply RTI on nationalized banks

Narendra Modi "sounds" PK Misra, his principal secretary during 2002 riots, for a plum Delhi posting

Environmental clearance major hurdle in Gujarat: UK consultants' report to Planning Commission

Dalits of a village in Ahmedabad district face social boycott for demanding physical possession of plot they own

Ahead of Lok Sabha poll results, top US report asks world diplomats to effectively respond to 2002 riots

At Rs 30,680, Gujarat's per capita debts are higher than of Andhra, Maharashtra, UP, West Bengal, others

Me Modi, not Hindutva: British biographer says Gujarat CM was always at odds with RSS-Sangh Parivar ideology

Research paper disproves Narendra Modi claim that more than 30% Muslims vote for the BJP in Gujarat

Modi's "core governance": Influential Gujarat scribes close to power structure ignore human rights, social sector

Congress leader Gohil "misinformed" about the OBC caste status of Modi, contend senior Gujarat academics

GIFT: Finance city director suggests market realities "ignored" while initiating Modi's dream project

Despite NHRC plea, Gujarat govt says there is no need to pay compensation to victims of deadly silicosis

New data reveal Gujarat has worst enrolment rate of girls in secondary and higher secondary schools

Sikh farmers being evicted from Kutch farmlands to "turn" district into mining haven for cement tycoons

Good governance? Gujarat's conviction rate in anti-Dalit cases is poorer than Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh

Gujarat model is negation of right to information, work, food, education, health: Pro-Modi economist

Ashrams, maths, akhadas of Varanasi "never produced" leaders who gained notoriety for hate speeches

International media chain Huffpost expresses "distaste" for Modi, compares him with ultra-nationalist Milosevic

Study by top consultants KPMG finds Gujarat's investment climate dipping, talent pool below major states

It’s rich versus poor in Varanasi: At stake is BJP’s dream of installing Narendra Modi as prime minister

Ahead of Modi "takeover", top US body wants Obama govt to "engage" India on issues of religious freedom

National Commission for Women "soft" towards violence against women during 2002 Gujarat massacre

Top Vadodara-based activists ask Election Commission to begin contempt proceedings against Modi