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Australia least prepared to fight Hindu 'extremism', admits diaspora NGO group

Tiranga rally in Sydney: Cause of stir among diaspora
By Our Representative 
The Australian Alliance Against Hate and Violence (AAAHAV) has said that Australia is “least prepared” to counter the allegedly “rising threat of Hindu far right extremism”. Calling upon politicians, federal and state governments to “urgently recognise the threat far-right Hindu extremism”, it asks “to take concrete steps to address this threat.”
AAAHAV represents civil society activists and organisations that include Hindus for Human Rights, Turbans 4 Australia, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Pax Christi Australia, the Humanism Project, representatives of the Indian Ambedkarite community and Basmala Australia.
“The call from AAAHAV is in response to a number of incidents of social tension driven by far-right Hindu extremist elements allied with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in India”, an AAAHAV statement says. “Their actions are perpetuating targeted attacks and online hate speech against Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Indian Ambedkarite community (Dalits) and mainstream Hindus living in Australia.”
“In the past month, these far-right Hindu extremist elements have attempted to disrupt Sunday services at the Glenwood Sikh temple and were involved in two separate attacks on Sikh youth in Harris Park and Granville areas. This follows an ugly street brawl between these far-right Hindu extremist elements and Sikh youth, a few months ago”, the statement notes.
It continues, “These groups infiltrate community organisations under the guise of multiculturalism, set up sub-cultures and micro-networks and drive social discord in a coordinated and discrete way. Most worryingly their growth has been made possible through foreign funding from India.”
While the statement quotes Tanvi Mor the Hindus for Human Rights as saying, “For Hindus, the core of our faith is encapsulated in these vedic verses, ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ (the world is one sacred family)”, it adds, Amar Singh, President Turbans 4 Australia, says, the “evil of far right extremism and hate mongers especially online” have long-term implications to the “multicultural and peaceful subcontinent communities in Australia.”
It also quotes Dr Rateb Jneid, president, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, as calling “Hindutva extremism” among the “deadliest in the world” and Parag Bhagat, Indian Ambekarite asserting, condemning “religious extremism by the Indian diaspora or otherwise.”
The statement quotes Father Claude Mostowik MSc, President of Pax Christi Australia, while in India, since the rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party, there has been widespread suppression of dissent, attacks against farmers, human rights defenders and environmentalists” these attacks have “now spread to the Sikh and Muslim communities in Australia.”


Anonymous said…
So far I only heard about false narratives, seeing it for the first time.If Hindus are extremists than who is peace loving?? Jihadis or khalistanis or leftists whose sole intent is to break countries.
Anonymous said…
If you look at the crimes and frauds which are committed by a certain community of India . They have dragged their personal interest in Australia to degrade our country . They have been burning indian flags all over the world which would cauterise them as terrorist. They follow a terrorist who was brought down by our I dian government for spreading terror . They might end up doing so in Australia . Hindus are the most naive community from India
Kindly do your research
Thank you
Anonymous said…
Making monster out of a only peaceful Hindu community - it gonna haunt you it gonna hunt you ! You are the very much reason for making them communal if you think they are communal now because you leave no platform without abusing them. You wear religious attire day in and out at home outside home but a neutral Hindu is communal and extremist for you ! Keep doing it - thanks for helping Hindu unite against your hate !
Preity Solomon said…
Tell us the name of one Hindu terrorist who blew up the WTC, or blasted a bomb anywhere - Paris or Beirut or Srilanka or just anywhere.
Anonymous said…
Australia shouldn't have to put up with roadblocks because of matters that don't concern them. These roadblockers are working against fellow Indians and supporting Anarchists in India. They are a part of George Soros funded campaigns. Let them not destroy Australia's peace as well.
Anonymous said…
It’s just a glimpse of far right Hindu extremists ideology called HINDUTVA

Graham Stuart Staines (1942 – 23 January 1999) was an Australian Christian missionary, who along with his two sons, Philip (aged 10) and Timothy (aged 6), was burnt to death in India by members of a Hindu fundamentalist group named Bajrang Dal. In 2003, Bajrang Dal activist Dara Singh was convicted of leading the murderers and was sentenced to life in prison.[1]

Rest anyone can search online...
Anonymous said…
WELL WELL WELL!! Taking out rally and branding it regional as well as associating it with certain religion against the same country in the name of farmers welfare is ok, but taking out national flag rally in solidarity against the venom spoken against the same country is extremist movement.

Who are setting these narratives?????

Is it by any chance the one's who totally branded the national flag rally as hinduphobia rally? The rally which in presence of six police vehicle and set route was on the way to attack the Gurdwara sahib was spread according to them by anychance ?

I would urge the other communities do keep your eyes and ears open so that you are not used in the name of good faith into some fishy motives. The motive of religious heads should create peace and harmony not hate or fear.
Anonymous said…
Amazingly we Australians are also falling in the hands of khalistani extremists funded from Canada. Hindus are most tolerant and peacefull community but try not to reach their threshold of tolerance. Look at the history of Australian Indians here in last 30 years. They are peace loving, hard working, and law abiding Citizen of this country. Please do not try to tarnish their image. Politics of India should not be brought here. All those fight events between various individuals and / or groupshould be handled by appropriate government agencies.
Anonymous said…
It’s sad that you are posting such a disturbing message “full of false narrative” on any platform.
Ask yourself if “Hindus are culprit or infact victims”.
What a fool you guys are, by writing all this crap and destroying peace and harmony in such a beautiful country. Don’t be thankless to Australian government and citizens to grant you visas etc.
Think of your kids, do u wanna give Peace or Hatred as Heritage ? Please.. live and let live.
Dhanyawad 🙏🏻
Anonymous said…
Yes research & study the poisonous pro-Nazi literature written by their mentors Gowalkar (& Savarkar) of racial RSS & you'll understand what they are upto. They need to be booted down firmly in Australia or elsewhere. They are right wing hindu extremists friends of BJP-RSS. Anyone you find commenting sympathetically with them keep under strict vigilance, even those hiding identity. Oneday they'll have to give up all this or see deportation. Period.
Anonymous said…
Hindu extremists destroying the peace in Australia
Anonymous said…
If hindus or so called indian govt supporters not happy in Australia they should go back to India asap
Danish said…
Hindu extremists destroying the peace of Australia,Authorities need to wake up before it's too late .
Sunil sharma said…
I am very saddened to read this Collection of unmitigated lies. Quite clearly the person who has written this has no idea of the complexity and nature of this situation particularly regarding the Indian constitution and its laws. Yet they have seen it fit to make a comment malign and denigrate one of the greatest peace loving / inclusive communities of all time. Hindus have never invaded any country.Where do the Zorastrians thrive -India how many of them have been killed by the Hindus- zero . Where is the largest Bahai Temple in the world-India . That is history Hindus have never bombed or killed people anywhere. I think you’re making the mistake which is very basic error and reflects the very poor journalistic training of this writer where you have mistaken people who have nationalistic interest to Hindus. This is the same as saying that just because Australia is built on a Judeo Christian belief system any action by private citizens reflects their Christian upbringing.That cannot be further from the truth. The lies that you have written above should be retracted. These no such thing as Hindu terrorism.It is a narrative that is now being propagated very carefully by liars like you People may take a strong stance against people who have nationalistic ideals and do not believe that a country should be divided. That is their prerogative and they’re right and just because their Hindus does not mean that they are wrong and that it is Hindu terrorism.It is important in good journalism to get your facts right and to Understand the matter in which you’re commenting . understand the issues properly before making such naïve rubbish comments. Quite clearly the person who has written this has no idea what they’re talking about. We demand a complete retraction of this total utter rubbish.
Anonymous said…
Hindus are normally peace loving and hard working people who enrich the society they live in.. Australia is a great country to live peacefully in and spread human happiness .. We should be wary of external influencers that stir up negative thinking to fulfil their agendas
Anonymous said…
One must investigate who is promoting and funding this platform counter view it must be funded by the jihadies Pakistan and China and leftist pseudo librandos and soros of the world whose main agenda is to lie deceive confuse and set false narrative this platform shall be closed for the good of public
Ram Singh said…
Sikhs and Muslims are the most hate spreading religions with worst founders and everyone knows how peaceful Hindus are. I am glad Hindus are uniting together against a common enemy who are just scared that how come this peaceful community is rising.
Anonymous said…
No diamond so called@ ram singh, I don't know wether he's singh or not lot of them agents of militant BJP-RSS insinuate into community with seengh attached to name.
Agreed Sikhs & muslims are the most spreading religions in the world but not hate-spreading, but humanitarian and front runners in every humanitarian help in crisis. Followers of Gowalkar- Savarkar, pro Nazi Manuvadi racial tyrranists are the ones spreading hate at peak in I ndia now elsewhere as well. Just be ware of them & kick them out at slightest doubt of being rightist. They are the ones who lynched many muslims and also burn alive (By their militant Bajrang Dal squad)the Christian missionary Graham Staines alongwith 2 innocent kids in 1999
GS Ruddin said…
Hindu fascists in India are doing the same garbage as they do in India and here in Canada and throughout the West. They share a far right wing worldview they share with right wing Christians, white nationalists and Zionists: islamaphobia, domination of minorities, crazy population replacement theories, submission to big business etc.
In India it has led to anti muslim terrorism in Gujarat and New Delhi, lynchings, arrests, denial of services and even rapes (of Muslim and Dalit women). Indian Hindutva fanatics abroad share these views and work with fellow right wing bigots e.g.white nationalists. Best to reject this rubbish like Pakistan did.
Anonymous said…
Hindu Terrorism groups like RSS, ABVP, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Saffron, and the one mention in the article, are responsible for heinous violence bestowed on minorites. Everytime I hear about mob-lynchings of Muslims, murders of Dalits, or brutal rapes of little girls, it is always a hindu extremist. Nothing is holy about these disgusting people, it's concerning that they are coming to Australia, DEPORT THEM
Anonymous said…
It is so funny when I see Hindus talking about how peaceful they are. Most crimes committed in India are by Hindu extremists. Their is a billion followers so that fact they blame other groups that have only million followers I know who the real terrorists are. Every religion group has extremists, Hindus are not any different, they murder their own people for goodness sake if they belong to a lower cast. Jeez
Anonymous said…
Government should take action against terroist groups like VHP and other Hindu extremist organisations who are polluting the environment of Australia. If they are so peaceful then who gives them right to invade into a gurdwara belonging to some other religion?
Anonymous said…
What about threat letters sent to Indian Diaspora by Sikh Militant group " Babbar Khalsa International " ? Sikhs are running Khalistan Movement in guise of Farmers Protest. And they have problem too with the rallies shoeing solidarity and respect to Indian National Flag due to desecration done of Flag committed by Sikhs youth at Red Fort. Why you forget to mention about the rallies run by Sikhs here in Australia having placards in favour of Khalistan along with Picture of Bhindrawala who is responsible for the genocide of Hindus in Punjab starting from 1978 ?
Anonymous said…
Most dangerous and hypocrite people on earth. Most poisonous, worst than animals. How can these poisonous, hypocrites people of sick mentality beat a 13 year boy with utmost brutality. Just read their so called sanatan scriptures to understand the racism, castesm of self proclaimed vasdev kutimbakam.
Anonymous said…
@Anonymous -> Stay behind your keyboard if you are on Australian Soil. The veiled threats and arrogance is noted and will be adjusted. Promise. Those people you are defending and inflating are a blight to humanity. Ignorant degenerates that do not respect anything.This is AUSTRALIA. You bring this crap on the streets and the Australians will show you that you and those you defend are "gutless cowards".
Anonymous said…
Preity Solomon said…
Tell us the name of one Hindu terrorist who blew up the WTC, or blasted a bomb anywhere - Paris or Beirut or Srilanka or just anywhere.

Do your research before speaking as trajectory of your comments are quite revealing. Without going in to enlightening you, which you sorely need. I was not born yesterday. I have seen the displacements of the Palestinians, The Afghanis, The Iraqis and The Syrians. This is not about that matter by the way. Don;t you think if you keep f in arround with people for generations, it may have repercussions? TO get you started I am sure you will start to have a blanced perspective once you start to learn. By the way what's your concern or are you paid?
Anonymous said…
Does-not-matter said…
What has killed and is killing more innocents - Hindu extremism or Islamic extremism? Who is carrying out suicide attacks, bomb blasts, spraying bullets - Hindu extremists or Islamic extremists?
Anonymous said…
Amazed to see that a white news page published this. It is not even your freaking country brother. How bout you deal with issues such as deaths of aboriginals in custody (from the hands of white blokes) and racism to every other comm that isn't white. Yous are just haters. But it makes sense considering your ancestors were ""CONVICTS"". Same attitude is carried on from generations. Genetics.
Hindus have woke up after a long sleep. And they are not gonna tolerate shit from others. Respect us and we respect you. It's that simple. We are the most tolerant. But if you wanna start shit then we won't back off. JAY BHAVANI JAY SHIVAJI. HAR HAR MAHADEV.
Anonymous said…
All hindus, all muslims all Sikhs all christians are neither absolutely good nor absolutely bad. Black sheep are everywhere. Compared to majority tolerant secular Hindus the BJP-RSS type rightist Hindus are pitchblack sheep, dangerous, racial and very dangerous. Soon with the change of central Govt. they will be banned..
Sincere advice is to keep a watchful eye on any suspect & kick out of Australia those who openly sympathize or favour such hooligans.


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