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What does IMF order to Sri Lankans to destroy all physical records of ownership to land mean?

By Citizen Perera 

Who says Sri Lanka is our Motherland, the country of our forefathers, the country of our birth, the country where we married, the country where our children were born and grew up, the country where our parents died and are buried, the country whose soil would one day lie comfortably over us, the country we lovingly call home?
We are proudly able to declare that we are Sri Lankans, because our records and archives - dutifully and painstakingly maintained in our Registries - tell us so and our rich history recorded in documents, books, and manuscripts, tell us so.
But what happens if we are ordered to destroy all physical documents of identification and retain only a cryptic dog-tag identification number that corresponds to some data-entry in a master-computer? What happens if all lands in the country are mapped-out in outer-space by a satellite, and these lands are identified by cryptic grid-reference numbers which have corresponding entries in the master computer What happens if ownership to these lands -with cryptic grid-reference numbers provided by satellite - is identifiable only by cryptic dog-tag numbers?
If, ‘paper-documents’ pertaining to ownership of land and pedigree charts are destroyed, if access to the master computer is restricted, and if entries in the master-computer are unfathomable without possession of the keys to satellite grid reference-numbers and dog-tag numbers, we, the people of Sri Lanka, would be reduced to a position where the owners of the technology (viz the owners of the computer hardware, software, and the information therein) would be in total control of all lands in Sri Lanka.
In this scenario, we, the people of Sri Lanka, would not be privy to, any news about the sale and purchase of lands in the country (16% privately owned and 84% government owned), the identities and Nationalities of persons buying and selling our lands and, the values and terms of the land transactions.
And another question arises; who owns and controls the satellites which provide, in this ‘paperless’ environment, the only information that would be available on the satellite-mapped land of ours?
Satellites do not belong to us; satellites can be destroyed; satellite information systems can crash, be hacked, be manipulated and satellite information can be deliberately withheld from us by those who own or control the satellites.
Having documented information, previously held in public-accessible registries, solely in a ‘cloud’ based digital register, is suicidal for the country.
If we destroy our physical records and archives in the registries and do not retain our deeds of ownership, we would not be able to prove ownership to our lands if the information in the master-computer is lost, transmuted, or denied by, system and satellite insecurity, fraud, accident, or by deliberate enemy activity.
If therefore 'someone' were to order us to deliberately destroy our physical documents of land ownership and, to discard our practice of using Earth-based compass bearings to plot maps, we need to assess the motives of that 'someone' issuing such orders.
Could that someone be paving the way to rob us of our land and dispossess us of our country with the aid of renegades who invariably would be making a few corrupt millions with the sale of our lands?
In a document-less environment, a Nation leaves itself open for, money-laundering, fraud, and land-grabbing, especially by international players; in this environment the country could be sold-off to anyone - be he from Mars, the Moon, or the US - without the knowledge of the citizens.
In such a situation, Sri Lanka would soon cease to be the land of the Sri Lankans; Sri Lanka would be a country belonging to some aliens.
This situation poses a threat not only to our lands, it threatens the very life of our people if physical documents pertaining to identity are destroyed,
If every individual is reduced to a mere number in a computer, what would happen if, deliberately or otherwise, our dog-tag numbers are deleted from the computer?
We would cease to exist as human beings according to the computer; we would then not be able to access, food, medicines, education, housing, employment, property or any other service, the preserved right of a human being.
Selected segments of society, if deleted from the master-computer, would be compelled to literally live as slaves, begging for food and necessities, simply to live; their lives would be at the complete mercy of those who control the master-computer.
Our lives would be controlled by QR codes, a system that was successfully applied in Sri Lanka during the fuel crisis; it was a system that effectively restricted our movements. This QR code-system of control can be effectively applied to any area of human activity.
What happens if this master-computer is in the control of proclaimed eugenicists like Bill Gates who, like his father before him, believes that this world is overpopulated and needs to be reduced by about a billion?
Interestingly, during the recent Covid crisis, Gates as the largest donor to the WHO - in the absence of the US which had withdrawn its funding at that time – ran the WHO like a workshop in his backyard, taking very controversial steps. Millions died during this crisis.
If therefore we destroy our manual records, we are signing our death-warrants.
South Africa confronted with a similar situation, refused to destroy historical archives and other ‘paper-documents’ pertaining to land ownership; they opted to retain their Deed system (or document-based system) of land registration without relying solely on the digital register. Consequently, the public were able to retain access to the registries, know the identities, and nationalities of those purchasing and selling land and, the public were able to retain their right to challenge dubious land transactions in a court of law.
It is diabolic that the US, which desperately attempted and failed previously to destroy our archives and documents pertaining to land ownership - first through the Bim-Saviya and then through the deceptive MCC ploy - now attempts to force such a scheme via the IMF, while they themselves do not practice this ‘paperless’ scheme in their country.
It is understandable because the ‘paperless’ system of land ownership is an integral element of US strategy to take possession of the land of other countries in its declared aspiration to colonise the world.
Without ‘paper’ records, not only would the US be able to dispossess other nations of their lands, but they would also succeed in wiping out the history of those lands and their inhabitants.
Five centuries hence there would be no records available to prove that Sri Lankans owned this land; it would resonate what the Europeans did to the native Americans in the US and Canada, the Aboriginals in Australia, and the Maoris in New Zealand in the bygone centuries.
In 2022, Sri Lanka became one of the first countries to fall prey to the American trap laid at Bretton Woods in 1944, to colonise the entire world, disarmingly described as ‘one-world-one-government’.
At Bretton Woods, the yanks designed two money-lending institutions - the IMF, and the World Bank - which would serve as America’s primary weapons of offence in their long and ambitious assault on the world; they began firing those weapons almost immediately thereafter by hoisting Keynesian economics on the world (a country spending more money than it had) as the panacea to the world’s economic misfortunes.
The IMF and the World Bank were in business with all countries virtually compelled to borrow from them. By 1970, most countries, if not all, were heavily in debt to the US; the US with majority ‘shares’ control both these lending institutions.
In Sri Lanka, the realisation has yet to seep-in that we have been colonised by the US via the IMF.
The colonial government in Washington is ordering Sri Lanka to change over 140 policy stances, through their lackeys placed in the political saddle in the aftermath of the Yankee-sponsored coup, described as the Aragalaya.
Interestingly, there was an Aragalaya in the US too; those who participated, encouraged, or got involved in any way in the American Aragalaya are being prosecuted and sentenced to jail for seditious conspiracy.
Sri Lankans perforce shall liberate their country from Yankee rule. When a legitimate government re-takes control of the country, it would not honour any of the illegal acts committed by the Yankees or those acting on their behalf; their acts would be considered illegal and therefore null and void.
In the meantime, Sri Lankans are advised to not destroy their paper documents. Retain them. If the colonial government of the US destroy our registries, Sri Lankans at the village level, are urged to maintain documented records pertaining to land, births deaths etc. This is our country. We shall overcome.



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