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Little discussion in India on Bishop Vigano, who created 'ripples' in Catholic world

By Rosamma Thomas* 

Bishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who served as the ambassador of the Vatican to the United States between 2011 and 2016, raised points worth consideration in a video released after the Catholic Identity Conference on October 1 at Pittsburg in the United States. 
The speech had been prepared for the conference, but since it was not delivered there, it was released later. Entitled ‘Vitium Consensus’ – flawed consensus – the bishop pointed to the possible influence of the Clinton Foundation on the current Pope, and questioned the direction in which the Jesuit Pope was taking the Catholic church.
At the very outset, Vigano states: “I will not try to give answers but to pose a question that can no longer be postponed… look clearly at the very serious apostasy present as a completely unprecedented fact, one that cannot be resolved, in my opinion, by resorting to our usual categories of judgment and action.”
Vigano notes that the declarations and behavior of Jorge Mario Bergoglio – he refers to the Pope by name, refraining from calling him Pope – are at variance with what is expected of a Pope. “The evidence of Bergoglio’s alienity to the office he holds is certainly a painful and very serious fact; but becoming aware of this reality is the indispensable premise for remedying an unsustainable and disastrous situation.”
He mentions sexual scandals in the church, and the instance of Marko Rupnik, as evidence of “shameful disparity of treatment between those who belong to Bergoglio’s so-called 'magic circle' and those he considers adversaries”. He mentions church leaders who have protested, including German Cardinal Gerard Ludwig Muller who remarked that the Lord did not give power to the Pope to “bully” good bishops. Vigano also cites former Cardinal McCarrick, who became the first cardinal to be stripped of his role as a priest after being indicted for homosexual abuse of boys and men. 
Vigano recalls that McCarrick had mentioned that Bergoglio’s election as Pope was facilitated by an “Italian gentleman,” an “emissary of the deep state to the deep church” and a homosexual. Among the many things Vigano mentions is also “vaccinism” – Pope Francis had thrown his weight behind the Covid-19 vaccine, even as it now becomes apparent that the fear-mongering was unjustified.
Says Vigano:
“But is it possible for a pope destroy the papacy that he himself embodies and represents? Is it possible for a pope devastate the Church that the Lord has entrusted to him to defend? And again: if a cardinal’s participation in the Conclave is intended to be malicious, if it intends a subversive act against the Church, if the aim is to commit a crime, then even if the procedures and norms of the election are apparently respected, there is undoubtedly a men's rea. 
"And this criminal intention emerges from the cunning by which the cardinals who were accomplices to the plot collaborated in deceiving the cardinals who voted in good faith. I wonder, then: are we not in the presence of a defect of consent that affects the validity of the election?
“And the proof that Bergoglio intended to carry out the criminal plan of the globalist elite is right before our eyes: all the desired goals of the emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s right-hand man, have been or are being carried out, from the adoption of gender equality as a premise for the female priesthood to LGBTQ+ inclusion, from the acceptance of gender theory to the participation in the Agenda 2030 on climate change, from the condemnation of 'proselytism' to the exaltation of immigration as a method of ethnic replacement.”
For the first time, as the church charts its future course, 54 of the 365 votes will be cast by women; lay people will also be among those voting
He calls the situation one that is “humanly irremediable” and urges members of the church to get ready for persecution, true and proper. He calls on all the faithful to retrace the route that Jesus took, and stay firm on that path.
The three-week Synod on Synodality (an assembly of Bishops of the Catholic church to discuss matters pertaining to the church) is underway in Rome, and the Pope has urged journalists to understand that heeding the Holy Spirit requires a certain “fasting of the public word”. The Pope likely hopes for the expression of frank disagreement, away from the glare of media attention.
There are also some departures from earlier convention this time – there will be no final report after this meeting; only a summary report that will be reviewed next year. The summary report necessitates a two-thirds consensus from the full assembly. The synod is not a parliament, the Pope has been at pains to explain; decisions are not arrived at through voting alone; there is “divine discourse” to be heeded, and this is a spiritual event, not a debating club. 
For the first time, as the church charts its future course, 54 of the 365 votes will be cast by women; lay people will also be among those voting, for the first time in the history of the Catholic church. The role of women in the church, priestly celibacy and the blessing of gay couples are all expected to feature in the meeting.
The changes are seen as rather radical, and there are more than murmurs of protest already. Over 2000 women from the United States signed a statement, seeking to be represented only by Bishops who were men. It is not democracy that is the basic principle of the Catholic church, one woman who did not wish to be identified by name mentioned to this writer – blessing homosexual unions, for instance, go against the fundamental teachings of the Catholic church.
In India, there is little discussion of these proposed changes, even as the Syro-Malabar church in Kerala squabbles over how to celebrate mass.
The full text of the Vigano statement is available here.
*Freelance journalist


There was plenty of discussion when Vigano held important positions in the Church and even later on his missive.
There are legitimate points which he makes but these have been either addressed or in the process.
Most importantly he subscribes to a right- wing capitalist ideology which is unable to accept the reforms in the Catholic Church which Pope Francis is determined to usher in after due consultation at every level.
The Catholic Church is highly hierarchical clerical and patriarchal
Pope Francis through the Synodal process of communion participation and mission wants this to change.
The likes of Vigano in the Church resent this.
Anonymous said…
Looks like Fr Cedric Prakash SJ is buddies with Bergoglio. Just web search him. If he really did make this post, I would be surprised, because he clearly is too dumb to be a Priest with a comment attempting to disparage those with a capitalist ideology. "... subscribes to a right- wing capitalist ideology ..." If you are the actual Fr Cedric Prakash SJ, I highly recommend you become educated on Economics. Capitalism has brought more people OUT OF POVERTY WORLDWIDE than any other form of economic system. Additionally, real Popes, going back to Pius IX, all the way through to Benedict XVI warned of the DANGERS of socialism and communism. The Popes have thoroughly condemned socialism with rock-solid arguments. Pius IX did so before the communist manifesto was ever published! He could foresee the errors of it! John XXIII even said, "No Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism."

What Bergoglio is trying to implement goes against more than 170 years of previous Papal pronouncement and Church belief. And this is why Abp. Vigano is so correct in what he says. The faithful must fully consider whether this man was every truly the Pope.

As a practicing Catholic, I have as much claim to inspiration, wisdom and knowledge from the Holy Spirit as any other Catholic, including any priests, bishops and cardinals. If Bergoglio is pope, he is the Judas Iscariot of popes. He is NOT inspired by the Holy Spirit.


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