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The issue is why are people of #Gaza being punished for the fault of Hamas?

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat 

Are we witnessing a new holocaust approved by the hypocritical west? So much of 'human rights', 'right to resistance' , 'rule based order'. Well in the last twenty years, we have seen these leadership getting completely exposed. The rule based order is nothing but clever manipulations of things to protect their interests.
Palestine issue cannot be confined to Hamas and its terror regime. The legitimacy to Hamas has come from the Western world just to create an alternative tot Palestinian Authority. In any society, when the liberal elements fails or are made to fail, the radical right wing take over. The right wings have never been the first choice but they thrive on the failure of the 'secular' 'liberal' element who have to take all together. This is happening in most of the countries who were decolonised and a lot of credit of these radical right wingers growing and getting access is the Western World as all these forces have their safe heavens in the Western world from where they speak about 'human rights', oppression and 'democracy' etc.
The issue is why are people of #Gaza being punished for the fault of #Hamas. In any country or society, there are various forces working to attain their freedom. The killing of civilians both the sides is extremely unfortunate and condemnable in no uncertain terms. Hamas governs Gaza and due to blockade in that region, its rule remain unchallenged. It always happen that a tyrannical regime rules in the absence of an environment for free and fair poll because of the continuing blockade. It suits all the parties. It suits Hamas as they have no challenge to their authority and it suits Israel well to project every Palestinians as terrorists.
Hamas's act cant be supported which killed innocent civilians but the question is shouldn't Israel behave in a more civilised and responsible way. Israel had blockaded the Gaza for last fifteen years. Is it true that Hamas has provided Israel an opportunity to exterminate the people in Gaza.
The solution of the issue is not the 'final solution' by the extremely unpopular right wing government in Israel. By exterminating about 1.5 million people, Israel is not creating a 'final solution' for it but it wont be able to live peacefully. In the last fifty years, we have seen regular fight and bitter experiences. Israel may be a powerful country because it has the backing of the western world but I dont think they could sleep even a single day peacefully. This attack has exposed the chink in their arm that despite the best security apparatus and all digital devices their security was breached and so powerfully.
It is time for peace which can not happen without providing the Palestinians a rightful sovereign space of their own without any intervention by outsiders. Israel and Palestine need to live together. Both Israel and Palestine need to accept that they existed and historically have lived together as citizens of Palestine. It is time, they accept this historical fact. The problem was actually created by the West which 'solved' their own problems in the aftermath of second world war by 'settling' the jews to Palestine. The British and the Americans are solely responsible for this. The question is whether the trials at Nuremberg and in Japan after the second world war were just sham and fake because the fact is why was the jews not given land in the countries they were living ? Why should a people living in a place for so many years were send to a land they had left for long.
Europe created this crisis and now, it is giving Israel a blank cheque to invade Gaza and exterminate it. How can the world accept such an 'ultimatum' to the inhabitant of a state to leave or get killed. Already, Gaza is being destroyed. The same European and American commentators were defending UKraine's right in self defence but that right to self defence does not exists with Palestine.
One reality of our time. Russia could have easily flattened Kyiv but it did not. It still waged a very professional war despite the big propaganda emerging in the western capitals but today the big 'respected' western media are showing the brutalities of Hamas by showing the pictures of the Palestinian children killed in the mindless, soulless bombing by Israel.
India could have seized this big moment as a power of the global south by initiating a peace dialogue. Instead, we looked happier in the company of the West and Indian cheer leaders have gone to 'report' to Indian people how 'powerful' is Israel. The aim to legitimise the similar acts in our own territory. Israel therefore, become a role model, for all the tyrannical regimes to suppress the dissent and how to treat with the 'obstacles'.
India's historic position has been clarified by the Ministry of External Affair and Palestine was a friend. Let the media understand that this is not a religious issue. It is not a Muslim Jew issue as both have lived together. It is an issue of decolonisation. Palestine need their independence. Both Palestine and Israel will have to live together and accept the historical presence of both. India can play a historic role of negotiating a peace deal but for that just ignore your manustream darbaris shouting loudly from the 'battle field' who are not gone to report but just show you the tamasha for the sole purpose of making it convenient for their funders in the coming elections. Every international issue is being played for the domestic constituencies making it difficult for the diplomat to work with other countries.
This madness must stop. Say no to War. Give peace another chance. Accept both the Palestine and Israel as two nation living side by side and peacefully.



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