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Modi is not working for Hindus, he is working to build India into a strong nation

By Harasankar Adhikari 

Swami Vivekananda opined that religion is the driving force of an individual, society, and nation. Religion is an institutional discipline that binds a society with some definite rules of disciplined life for better social, economic, and cultural practice. It usually determines the progress and development of its believers. Different racial or religious groups have their own rituals or practices, and these are surely relevant for a better society.
India is a nation of pluralism—a multi-religious nation—and it is the diversity of unity. Hinduism (Sanatana) is its dominant religion, and historically, it is a country of Sanatani, or a Hindu nation. Before 1975, it was not a secular nation. Mrs. Gandhi tactically amended and endorsed the word secular in its constitution. While India was divided on religious grounds, Muslims demanded a separate nation for the Islamic religious group. The majority of the nation remained in India, with a Hindu majority. But Hinduism lives with its tag of tolerance. It tolerates separate laws, separate systems of education, and so forth for Muslims. 
The political parties with secular faith are, in many ways, on the side of Muslims and for their votes only. Due to this one-sided nature, Muslims are involved in terrorism and their anti-national activities, which are not undermining the secular political parties as they are considered as captive vote banks. Here, the Hindu majority has no own will to protest against Muslim extremism. In many ways, these so-called secular political parties are blind.
Muslims have their own different religious organizations, and these are regularly doing anti-national acts and making plans and programs against the Hindus in a Hindu majority nation. These secular political parties have no voice against it, while secular people are criticizing Hinduism and undermining Hinduism as Hindu. Would they support anti-national and anti-Hindu acts by Muslims? 
Then why are they treating them as secular? They should declare them believers in the Muslim faith. The left philosophy has destroyed our traditional religious society, particularly in Bengal, during their 34-year rule, which implants a fractured Bengal society in all terms. That's why the left philosophy is very irrelevant in India, and it is also almost irrelevant in world society.
The BJP is now tagged as a Hindu political party by the secular political parties, and it is differently publicizing throughout the globe as a Hindu extremist party. It is trying to establish Hindu extremism in India, or it would walk towards a Hindu nation. What are the wrongs with the BJP if, in a Hindu majority nation, Muslims have their own extremist organizations, secular support, and others? 
These secular political parties have ever tried to educate Muslims to stop anti-national and anti-Hindu acts. Is there any action taken to rectify it? But many efforts are potentially added to encourage Muslims only for their votes, and Muslims are abused for vote loot.
Those who are criticizing Modi’s rule have to understand that Modi is not working for Hindus. He is working to build India into a strong nation, and the world leadership would be chaired by India. His different schemes are for all, and even he undertakes programs for Muslims’ progress and development. 
That's why there is a separate ministry for minorities. There is no separate ministry or scheme undertaken strictly for Hindus. The construction of the Rama temple, visits to various temples, or offering prayers never denote Hindu extremism. It is his faith in his own religion. Muslim leaders do the same act. But no one raises any questions. That means whatever a Muslim does is usually right and permissible. Are only acts of Hindu leaders for Hindutva? Is it justifiable and tolerable?
Therefore, all secular parties should rethink it and rectify its approach beyond religious sentiments because they are not at all protected from Muslim extremism. As an opposition, there is a need for true criticism of Modi's rule. It would promote the national development goal.


i am yet to understand what work is done by modi could be attributed to work towards society or for upliftment of human beings, not a single policy of his could contribute anything to society except , making rich more rich, his policy are pro rich and seem to be anti muslim, if you see example of assam caa - it has put hindus in numbers of 14 lakh on road and only 5 lakh muslims on road, while he says - there is no detention camp, amit sha says - they are building detention camps - which is true , if i go on an on, the series of lies begins from election promise , any leader if one is leader, does not srat lying to reach his goal, a Ram mandir or going to mandirs will not protect hindus or build a hindu based society, a mere word secular will not effect Indian democracy- Hindus do not believe each other nor has the capability to make a great society , because puja paths - it does nothing to promote harmoby, eradicate poverty and work towards knowledge promotions


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