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The Left may argue that religion is opium, but isn't secularity a religious identity?

By Harasankar Adhikari 

According to dictionary meaning, ‘secular’ means worldly, not spiritual, and not concerned with religion. Therefore, ‘Secularism’ means the theory or doctrine that supports worldly affairs and is not spiritual or concerned with religion. Further, 'religion is an aspect of the human world by which human beings can connect with the eternal world. Religion is a path for attainment of 'moksha' or salvation.' Swami Vivekananda viewed that secularism means ‘to provide equal status to all religions, and all-embracing love for every human being is again established.’ It is very relevant and appropriate. 
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan opined, “When India is said to be a secular state, it does not mean that we reject the reality of an unseen spirit, the relevance of religion to life, or that we exalt irreligion. It does not mean that secularism itself becomes a positive religion or that the state assumes divine prerogatives. We hold that no one religion should be given preferential status. This view of religious impartiality, or comprehension and forbearance, has a prophetic role to play within national and international life." So, it does not indicate whether a person’s identity is religious or non-religious. 
Further non-religious identity is meaningless in each and every human society in each nation throughout the globe because everyone has a religious identity, and without this, identification would be doubted in each society. Therefore, no nation is as such secular.
 India has been a secular nation since 1976. Is secular a religious or racial form? Each and every person's religious identity is specified as Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or so forth. 
There is no option of secular identity in an individual identity. It is a tactical term used by left followers along with the Indian Congress to extol a particular religious group. Why did the Congress, with the support of the left, not constitutionalize secularism as a religious identity of its citizens?
The Rama temple at Ayodhya is scheduled to be inaugurated on January 22, 2024, by Mr. Modi. Unfortunately, with sorrow, it would be protested by so-called Hindu seculars from Prof. Amartya Sen to Medha Patekar, even Mohua Maitra (an expelled MP who violated the constitution and national security). In India, every party has its own agenda. So, the BJP is not an exception to this. Further, no Muslim is protesting it because a Masque would be built in parallel.
The Left's existence has ceased to exist, and it is perhaps irrelevant in India. It is waiting for its last rites. Surprisingly, Muslim secular left political leaders are not restricted from performing their religious duties, while Hindu left leaders have voluntarily avoided their religious duties. In the first case, there is no matter of gossip or debate, while the second case is dangerously outcast. Why is this discrimination one-sided? Every act of Hinduism is criticized by Hindu secularism, not merely by Muslims.
Anyone may deny the existence of God. But he or she has no right to criticize it. Why is left secular playing with the majority Hindu sentiment? Every secular left is suppressing their religious beliefs and identities in the name of the secular banner. The left may argue that religion is opium. But left-wing followers have not rejected their religious identity so far. They secretly perform all religious duties. But publicly, they disobey it. The secular is the prime culprit in religious conflict, violence, and other disturbances throughout the nation. Their thoughts and acts presently are restricted within this limit. They criticize the ruling government for criticism as if, if they came into power, they would magically change all systems and the development and progress of India. History reveals the developmental scenario of West Bengal. During its 34-year uninterrupted rule, people died of hunger in Amlasole village, Paschim Medinipur. People were deprived of health care facilities. Industries were shut down, and many other incidents were visible with full relaxation.
Presently, left wings organize “INSAF JOURNEY” in West Bengal. The major issue was anti-Hindu by Hindus. The Left has no other issue with the Modi government. Would it re-establish the left’s hope? Would it not be responsible for any future communal conflict?



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