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American establishment shattered by Putin's understanding, knowledge of global affairs

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat*
Vladimir Putin's interview by American journalist Tucker Carlson has exploded the internet. In just two hours, it is reported, it got over 2 million views and is perhaps the most debated issue on the X and other social media platforms. 
I always considered Putin in the series  of Fidel Castro who knows his facts well and is well articulated. Putin has that influence of the old communist intellectualism even when the Western 'liberal' media still call him a 'war criminal' and 'Occupier' while keeping a shameless silence on the butchering and killings of the innocent children in Gaza. 
For years, Western media would portray President Putin as some one who knows nothing, suffering from multiple diseases, using body doubles, destroying Russia, unpopular and losing the war in Ukraine. The 'liberal' media that talks about human rights elsewhere, was not ready to publish the independent stories from the other side of the  border. Americans and British felt that there is a  dictator who need to be hated because he is pushing the world towards the World War III. The same American British media shamelessly toed the lines of their business dealers who have keen interest in occupying the Palestinians land.
We all appreciate Freedom of Expression and right to free speech but I rarely heard that a journalist interviewing President Putin would face charges of espionage once return to is country. American establishment is shattered with this interview which reflect Putin's understanding and his knowledge on the global affairs. I can bet, no western leader can face such critical questions from other journalists from Russia or Palestine, Syria, even for an hour with that ease which Putin did. He gave history lesson to Carlson. Some body described him as Professor Putin teaching history to an ignorant journalist who is unaware of the vast historical power of the Russian civilization. Well, Russia remained a powerful country, a powerful people, imaginative with ample natural resources and that is why Western sanctions fell flat on them.
Rather than looking with contempt, it is upto the people in the West to think as why they wish to be everywhere. You have created the crisis in Palestine, snatched their state and handed it over to those who are now throwing the original inhabitants out of their place. Who is responsible for creating crisis everywhere, whether border issues in India, China, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Palestine. Britain as to explain it to the world for the deliberate crisis they created.
Most of the time, whenever any American President met his Russian counterparts, the Western media would make comments about the 'confidence' of Russians. They would discuss his health, psychology and political climate back in Russia. During the last conference of Putin with Donald Trump, the Western media was totally obsessed in their own grand mechanism and so much so that one commentator referred how the Americans are making Putin a global leader that he must be feeling proud as the world attention on him for some time. Such kind of contemptuous remarks are nothing but harmful and deceitful. The western world is habitual in preaching to their former colonies about 'values' and 'human rights' and we accept that many of those facts can be right but Russia is a  contemporary power and a different case. In fact, the Putin Tucker Carlson interview, you can review the body language and facial expression of Carlson, who looked as if he knew nothing. 
I have been following President Putin for long. I loved reading to legendry Fidel Castro. Once a French journalist went to interview Castro and his informed how Fidel Castro was aware of the every single international event of his time. The interview was later published in a book form and it was about one thousand pages. The journalist later admitted that he had to work extremely hard for nearly eight month to read about Castro. I think President Vladimir Putin is well read person and does not really need an assistance during these longish conversations. 
You may agree with Putin or disagree that is not the point. The issue is how well one articulate the position of his country. Putin has brought Russia back to importance. It is a resurging Russia, full of confidence and economic strength. Russia today does not merely boost its military strength but its economic and space might.
What came out of the interview is the categorical position of Russia. I think, this interview is historical and a history lesson for all those who want to know if not the reality but the Russian side of the story. 
The two hours long interview is still going powerfully despite all the efforts to stop it from airing. Many would be preparing for a critique of it. Other will say how Carlson succumb to the pressure of Putin. It is a fact and visible that Putin dominated the entire event but how can a leader of the world power allow a right winger from America to dominate him or speak his language. The fact is countries where leaders are intellectuals and knowledgeable always grow. They are an asset. Putin is an asset for Russia like Fidel Castro for Cuba. England prospered when the leadership behaved like statesman. America grew under President Eisenhower, John F Canady and India under Jawahar Lal Nehru. They all were well read and well verse of the global situation. 
Whether we like or not, Putin has given enough material to the Western media. President Joe Biden is going to have serious trouble politically related to his reelection. 
I personally feel, this is going to have huge impact in national elections in various western countries in the coming days. 
*Human rights defender 



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