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Israel's merciless bombing of Rafah faced huge protests across the globe

By Harsh Thakor* 
With the numbers of the murdered in Gaza surpassing 28,000 people, Israel mercilessly conducted bombing to prepare for a genocidal attack on the displaced people in Rafah. Peoples of the world keep rose up like a spark turning into a prairie fire. 
Several Arab capitals paid host to massive demonstrations in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and denouncing of the ongoing Israeli aggression. In Ramallah, Palestinians demonstrated in Al-Manara Square in downtown in protest against the ongoing Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.
On the 3rd of February activists of Kampkomiteen took part in two demonstrations in Trondheim, Norway. In the first, it represented the labour movement and different solidarity organizations. After the rally, a march was held, in which slogans were raised such as “Intifada, intifada!”, “Occupation no more, open up the prison door!” and “Let the children live!” were shouted. In the evening, an action was staged outside a venue where the representative of Norway for the Eurovision Song Contest would be chosen, calling for boycott of Israel and protesting the participation of Israel in the ESC.
In Bergen a protests was held on the 7th of February against a meeting where a representative of the IDF and the Israeli foreign ministry took part. The police escorted the  meeting heavily, The  demonstration it condemned  the prime minister of Norway for calling  Israel “Norway’s friend” and Norwegian weapon monopolies providing weapons to Israel.
On the 9th of February in the Jordan Valley complex along the border to Israel, protesters demanded construction of an air bridge to Gaza to deliver aid, scrapping  of the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement, the closure of the Israeli embassy in Amman, supporting the Palestinian national resistance and stopping the transfer of goods to Israel.
Demonstrations were also held on the 9th of February in Baghdad, Iraq, and in Ramallah, on the occupied West Bank, where slogans for the Palestinian national resistance were shouted. In Yemen, a massive rally was held in Sana’a. Rallies were also held in the cities of Ma’rib and Taiz.
On the 7th of February around 100 protesters blocked the entrance to Woodward manufacturing facility. The factory manufactures parts for Boeing, which are used in missiles and bombs used to murder the Palestinian people.
On the 9th of February Hillary Clinton’s speech was impeded  by pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia University in New York City. “Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, you are a war criminal! The people of Libya, the people of Iraq, the people of Syria, the people of Yemen, the people of Palestine as well as the people of America will never forgive you!” a protester shouted at Clinton, who was Secretary of State during the Obama administration, which is responsible for several war crimes and massacres in the oppressed nations. After the first protester was lifted out from the lecture hall, the speech was again interspersed by protesters multiple times.
On Saturday the 10th of February there nation-wide protests were waged again in solidarity with the Palestinian people engulfing 40 locations across the UK. In many protests, strong solidarity was offered to the Palestinian national resistance front and the collaboration of the UK in the war crimes was condemned.
In Belfast, occupied Ireland, Palestinian protesters disrupted a Sinn Féin event on Palestine, denouncing the Party’s support to the merciless “Palestinian Authority” and its plans to join hands with the US president Joe Biden for a St. Patrick’s Day event.
On Sunday the 11th of February 10,000 protesters gathered in front of the parliament in Rabat, Morocco to demand the ending of diplomatic ties with Israel. The protesters carried a huge Palestinian flag and banners with slogans “Normalization is treason”, “Stop the massacre”, “We stand steadfast with Al-Aqsa,” and “Down, down with the Zionists and Americans.”
In Medellín, Colombia, ICL posters in solidarity with the Palestinian people have been put up. Alongside them, posters for the 130th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao have also been put up.
Since last Monday, February 11, Israel embarked on an air attack on the south of the Gaza Strip, after having wipe out the northern and central area. Rafah, is now the central target of Israel’s indiscriminate attacks, where many displaced Palestinians were forced to flee after the destruction of the rest of the cities, which has left more than 28,500 dead in four months.More than 100 deaths have taken place due to airstrikes. Air attacks targeted different areas of the city with warplanes and helicopters with machine guns in the border areas. Meanwhile hospitals are paralysed due to the untold destruction and the blockade of food and fuel by Israel.
In Beirut, Lebanon, an organized march with the name “The Lebanon’s Flood in Support of Gaza” gathered hundreds of people in support of the Palestinian people to denounce the genocide against the people.
In Rabat, Morocco, on February 11, thousands of people took the streets again against the genocide in Palestine and against the normalization of the ties with the government of Israel, calling it “treason”.
Normalization is treason” and “Stop the Genocide” were some of the slogans on the demonstration in Rabat. In London, England, thousands of people demonstrated in Downing Street, at he Prime Ministers official residence is. In the protests, the demonstrators demanded ceasefire, encouraged by the Rafah attacks. During the protest, one activist was  detained because of “suspicion of inciting racial hatred over a placard”.
n different parts of the USA, the people has marched  the streets against the genocide of Israel financed by Yankee imperialism, which until now has financed Israel with more than 14 billion dollars and has caused the death of nearly three tens of thousands of Palestinians. In New Orleans, in the midst of the Mardi Gras holidays, protests sparkled with posters demanding the end of the genocide.
In London, England, thousands of people demonstrated in Downing Street, where the Prime Ministers official residence is. In the protests, the demonstrators demanded ceasefire, encouraged by the Rafah attacks. During the protest, there was one detained because of “suspicion of inciting racial hatred over a placard”.
In Berlin, Germany, new protests sprung with about 300 people assembling at the Brandenburg Gate on February 11 to denounce the attacks on Palestine. The protesters flung fireworks at the police, and hours later they also pelted stones and shouted when they tried to break the march. Eleven people were arrested, and 14 legal proceedings were enforced for invitation to hatred, violation of the Law on Freedom of Assembly, attempted release of prisoners, insults, dangerous bodily harm, damage to property, resistance and physical assault against police officers, and serious violation of the rules of peace.
*Freelance journalist 



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