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Gender frustration and politics: Education, other opportunities not reaching the target

By Harasankar Adhikari 

"Women are not born, women are made." Patriarchal politics dominate and discriminate against women in various ways across all social strata. As a result, women are subjected to gender stereotyping and bias. They bear and care for the most significant duties and responsibilities of reproduction, sexual pleasure, and housekeeping. So, they are biologically important. But those times have passed.
In modern India, gender equality and empowerment are key issues for a gender-neutral and progressive society. Rates of education, participation in paid employment in the public and private sectors, participation in democratic politics and decision making, etc. have significantly increased. "My body, my choice" is an appropriate slogan to save women from male torture and abuse. But violence against women in different forms and gender abuse at the personal and political level have also increased.
Unfortunately, both male and female psychology has been modified and beautified as erotic capital, and women are using them as erotic capital of profits. "Smoking is injurious to health, and no smoking kills cancer." These are very lucrative and challenging advertisements for counselling people with smoking habits. Historically, when women were early widows and alone, a small percentage of them smoked secretly. But now smoking has become a common fact among females of a younger age (school and college students, and corporate employees), and they smoke in public as a status symbol, and it has become their life choice and style. But medical science always warns that it is dangerous for women because of their health and healthy motherhood. Several studies also reported that it is also a cause of infertility because of its increasing rate. Secondly, the rate of alcoholism is also on the rise among women. Once, my male counterpart’s addiction to alcohol was a cause of marital discord and divorce in many incidents. It is now a significant issue for female partners who consume alcohol. Anyway, is it enough for gender equity? Is it a competition with the men to be equal? Competition with anyone never brings equality because there will always be a winner. So, is it a symptom of gender frustration? And then, why?
Another important aspect is women's involvement in corruption. Males are cleverly trapping women for their corruption. We are very experienced with various film scams at present. The school jobs scam is perhaps the biggest scam in the twenty-first century in West Bengal, where young females from the glamour world are closely associated.
Are education and other benefits for women making them greedy towards a flimy life? Why women are unable to change their mentality of greediness for a handsome life of risk. Therefore, education and other opportunities are not reaching the target as desired. Their free mixing and movement are pushing them in different directions towards a dark world. Liberty in decision-making is also a factor in swindling.
Why are women's organisations struggling for women’s equity and justice silent against these? Is it not a dishonour and a prime hindrance to gender equality?



'Modi govt's assault on dissent': Foreign funds of top finance NGO blocked

By Rajiv Shah  In a surprise move, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, has cancelled the foreign funding license of the well-known advocacy group, Centre for Financial Accountability (CFA), known for critically examining India's finance and banking sectors from human rights and environmental angle.

Misleading ads 'manipulate, seduce, lure' to market unhealthy harmful food

By Our Representative  The Nutrition Advocacy in Public Interest (NAPI) in its new report “50 Shades of Food Advertising” has sought to expose how seductive, luring, manipulative or deceptive these advertisements can be. Consequences of such advertising are increased intake of unhealthy food products that is associated with obesity and diabetes, it says. 

A Hindu alternative to Valentine's Day? 'Shiv-Parvati was first love marriage in Universe'

By Rajiv Shah*   The other day, I was searching on Google a quote on Maha Shivratri which I wanted to send to someone, a confirmed Shiv Bhakt, quite close to me -- with an underlying message to act positively instead of being negative. On top of the search, I chanced upon an article in, imagine!, a Nashik Corporation site which offered me something very unusual. 

Swami Vivekananda's views on caste and sexuality were 'painfully' regressive

By Bhaskar Sur* Swami Vivekananda now belongs more to the modern Hindu mythology than reality. It makes a daunting job to discover the real human being who knew unemployment, humiliation of losing a teaching job for 'incompetence', longed in vain for the bliss of a happy conjugal life only to suffer the consequent frustration.

'Failure of governance': India, China account for 54% pollution-related deaths globally

By Vikas Parsaram Meshram*   A recent report jointly prepared by UNICEF and the independent research organization Health Effects Institute has been released, and the statistics within it are alarming. It states that in 2021, air pollution caused the deaths of 2.1 million Indians, including 169,000 children who hadn't yet fully experienced life. These figures are indeed distressing and raise questions about why there hasn't been more serious effort in this direction, putting policymakers to shame. 

Over 3.8 billion animals at risk: India on crossroad in animal welfare practices

By Rupali Soni*  In a collaborative effort, the India Animal Fund and Dasra have unveiled their report , "Our Shared Future | Securing Animal Welfare, Human Wellbeing, and Sustainability in India." This landscape report provides a thorough overview of animal welfare and underscores its indispensable role within India's socio-economic and ecological frameworks. It also illustrates how animal welfare is intricately intertwined with public health, labor welfare, and climate resilience.

August 9 to be observed as Corporates Quit India day: Top farmers' group

By Our Representative A recent general body meeting of the Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM), the top farmers' organisation, stated hat "there is no need for any illusion of change in the pro-corporate policies of the BJP-NDA government" following the recent elections in which BJP failed to achieve even simple majority. It insisted,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi "is hell bent" to continue 'business as usual' policies.

Belgian report alleges MNC Etex responsible for asbestos pollution in Madhya Pradesh town Kymore: COP's Geneva meet

By Our Representative A comprehensive Belgian report has held MNC Etex , into construction business and one of the richest, responsible for asbestos pollution in Kymore, an industrial town in in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. The report provides evidence from the ground on how Kymore’s dust even today is “annoying… it creeps into your clothes, you have to cough it”, saying “It can be deadly.”

Maharashtra govt's proposed bill may be used against 'dissenting' journalists, writers, filmmakers, artists

Counterview Desk  The People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Maharashtra, strongly objecting to what it calls “repressive and unconstitutional” Maharashtra Special Public Security Bill 2024, has demanded the proposed law be scrapped in its entirety. In its Statement of Objects and Reasons for the Bill, PUCL noted,  the broad and non-descript label of ‘urban naxal’ has been used, which is actually a “common slur used for any citizen who expresses their opposition to state policy or is not aligned with right-wing majoritarian views."