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Religious intolerance: US must pressure Modi about rights of the minorities

By Mohammad Abdullah 

In the midst of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the US, questions about the rights of Indian Muslims have started to be raised in the US. Many US leaders have raised this question. The former president of the country, Barack Obama, also made a statement in this regard. With Modi's visit, the debate about Muslims and minorities in India started. Several US lawmakers, including Ilhan Omar, boycotted Modi's speech, accusing him of oppressing minorities.
Barack Obama has spoken about India's 'religious intolerance' and has said that if the human rights of religious minorities and other races are not protected, then India may be divided in the future.
Commenting that Biden should discuss this issue with Modi, he also said, "If I had the opportunity to discuss with Prime Minister Modi, I would have raised the issue of the protection of Muslims in India."
In the middle of this controversy, when Modi appeared at a joint press conference, a journalist asked him, "The leaders of the whole world have taken a decision to protect democracy." So what are you and your government doing to protect the rights and freedom of speech of Muslims and other minorities?
In response to this question, Modi said, democracy is in our veins. There is no question of discriminating against anyone on the basis of caste and religion. Our government runs on the principle of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishvas, Sabka Prayas' There is no question of discrimination in India's democratic values.Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has denied the existence of religious discrimination in India. He claimed that there was no discrimination against minorities in India under his government. However, detailed allegations of persecution of religious minorities, dissidents and journalists in India have been brought forward by many human rights groups and the US State Department. In this case , Modi's claim is totally false as Modi is a lier. He told many lies in this regard.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on a state visit to the US at the invitation of US President Joe Biden. He has visited the country several times since he first became India's prime minister in 2014, but Modi's visit to the US is being considered his first state visit due to the invitation of the president.
However, at the beginning of this important visit, Modi has faced questions about human rights. 75 US lawmakers have even written a letter to President Joe Biden about Modi's human rights violations.
Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a joint press conference after the meeting on Thursday. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi answered questions from reporters for the first time at a joint press conference. Modi has never attended such a press conference during his nine-year rule.
An Indian and an American journalist questioned him at the press conference. Both these questions were predetermined. There, Prime Minister Modi said when asked, 'Are you willing to take steps to improve the rights of Muslims and other minorities in your country and maintain freedom of speech', they do not need to improve.
"Our constitution and our government and we have proved that democracy can function properly," Modi told reporters. "Discrimination on caste, creed, creed, gender issues has no place in India (in my government)."
In a report on human rights and religious freedom, the US State Department raised concerns about the treatment of Muslims, Hindu Dalits, Christians and other religious minorities in India and highlighted the country's torture of journalists, Reuters reported in a separate report.
In this case, Modi told lies because the rights of Muslims in India are being violated . Muslims in India are oppressed.
According to Indian media Hindustan Times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently in the United States on a state visit like Protham after nine years of becoming the Prime Minister. US President Joe Biden hosted a state dinner in his honor at the White House last night.
And in the meantime, former US President Barack Obama made explosive comments about India on CNN.
According to the media, India started getting closer to the United States from the time of President Obama. His vice president at the time was Joe Biden. Today, Biden is the president of the United States. On his invitation, Modi visited the country on a state visit. And in the meantime, Obama started talking about religious intolerance in India.
It may be noted that Narendra Modi addressed a joint session of the US Congress for the second time, where he was warmly welcomed. "Modi-Modi slogan" was heard on the stage of the session. However, many US lawmakers have already questioned the rights of minorities and especially Muslims in India.
Muslims were persecuted by polytheists in Mecca and Jews in Medina. At that time the hot desert was cooled by the blood of Muslims. Muslims still did not submit to injustice. Still not accepting the steamroller of their injustice. Always standing against them. Resistance is developed by straightening the spine.
Bullets have come, lives have gone. The mother made her other child stand in front of Srutru. not afraid The word fear is not in the Muslim dictionary. Either he was martyred, or he became Ghazi. No one can claim a nation that does not fear death.
These two nations were enemies of Muslims from the beginning. This is also the commentary of the Qur'an. Today is no exception.
The result of the persecution was that the flag of Islam first flew in Mecca and Medina. The polytheists and the Jews were ultimately defeated. Where there is torture, there is the victory of Islam. This is the path of Muslim victory. Blood will flow. He will be a martyr. Sadness is temporary. Happiness is forever. The future world is Islam. They are waking up the sleeping Muslims. They are allowing Muslims to fly the flag of India again. As the tyranny and oppression increases, it will open the way for the arrival of Mohammad bin Qasem.
They burned the Quran, gave judgment against the mosque, set fire to the mosque, hung the flag of Hanuman on the minaret of the mosque, beat and killed the Muslims, Muslims will definitely try to take revenge. Muslims are peaceful, but know how to protest injustice as injustice. If the Muslims shout, their heart temple will be destroyed. Kashmir or Hyderabad, Gujarat or Uttar Pradesh or Delhi is red with the blood of Muslims, those lands will be saved by Muslims. It is normal to have such an attitude.
Cows are valuable to them, but Muslims are not.
Man first or life first, whoever does not have this knowledge, irrespective of his religion, he is not human. He does not understand religion. He is a radical terrorist. One can become a tyrant by being rigid, one cannot become righteous.
On 18 February 2015, Anandabazar Patrika published the opinion of renowned American intellectual and linguist Professor Sheldon Pollock. There he said, "If the Muslim rulers had forcibly converted, there would not have been a single Hindu in present-day India."
It shows that Muslims were never oppressors. Always gave respect and privileges to other communities. The union was motivated by a non-communal spirit. But what are they getting in return today?
Jai Sri Ram says that those who indulge in killing can never show aggression towards other nations. These culprits have no right to suppress others. Even Muslims cannot perform their religious rights. They can not give Qurbani peacefully due to this oppression policy. These dirty behaviours of these extremist Hindus must be changed.
There is a difference between spreading the message of religion and establishing religion by killing. The Constitution of India is non-communal in spirit. It has been said that all nations should be treated equally.
So the India led by Modi is not the same India as before. Indian intellectuals and representatives of civil society should take a vocal role against it. The US must pressure India's Modi regarding the rights of Muslims in India as the US is always vocal on the rights of Ughur Muslims in China. Muslims in Jinjiang and Muslims in India are both oppressed in China and India. The US must pressure Modi otherwise it would be double standard of USA in the case of dealing USA China and India.



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