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Bold, efficient and genuine patriotic leaders will work relentlessly for welfare of people

By Sudhansu R Das 

The phrase “the world is one community” has never become a reality because the nature of people has changed due to greed which dominates reason and blurs the finer human emotions like love, sympathy, kindness and moral courage etc. The human race has become more aggressive than the stone age people due to defective religious, moral and educational bringing up. There is frequent war, state sponsored terrorism, state sponsored exploitation of the resources of the weak nations, state sponsored proxy rule, state sponsored religious conversion, misuse of science and technology for amassing wealth instead of improving the quality of life.  
It is very difficult for a peace loving and technologically backward country to survive in this environment which has become worse day by day.  The powerful leaders are out to destroy the rich diversity in order to establish mono culture for global dominance; unknowingly they invite disaster for their countries.  Patriotism among Indians can help them survive amid this chaotic world. This powerful thought will erase the divisions on the basis of caste, religion and region and build one India feelings among the people.  
How to instill patriotism in the minds of people is the biggest challenge before the country.  Genuine patriotism will let the leaders live above caste, language and religion; the leaders will prove it by not appeasing the electorates through reservation, freebies, contracts, infrastructure projects, doles, subsidy, new rails, loan waivers or other benefits etc.  He will unite India with the thread of patriotism and will not do anything in the backdoor to appease vote banks. A true patriotic leader will create the right environment for the poor people so that they can earn their livelihood with self respect.  If a patriotic leader can protect and preserve the rivers, lakes, ponds, wells and other water bodies, the majority of the poor people in India will vanish.  Give people clean water, quality health care and good education at an affordable cost instead of free food and freebies for decades.
Genuine patriotic leaders who love their state and people will never allow the roads to deteriorate and give extreme hardship to people. Good roads are the symbol of prosperity; it shows the leaders’ love for people and care for economic growth.  If one goes around the city of Hyderabad one will know how people are living with bad roads.  Thousands of potholes, cracks, patches, unscientifically made humps and broken manholes etc threaten life, reduce productivity hours and adversely affect the economy. The majority of the road area in Hyderabad is not vehicle worthy. Bad roads benefit contractors, automobile industries and hospitals only.  
Daily, thousands of people get injured due to bad roads; many die due to accidents.  Thousands of vehicles get damaged which cause economic loss to people.  Bad roads increase the stress level and reduce the scope of tourism and trade. People come from different parts of India to Hyderabad; they invest money here, share their knowledge and skill for the development of the city. They may shift to other cities if the living  conditions deteriorate due to bad roads.  The newly developed suburban areas namely the Suchitra Circle, Jeedimetla, Kompally, Bowanpally, Bahadurpally, Gundlapochampally, Dhullapally and Pragati Nagar etc generated massive revenue for the state but bad roads in those areas make life of people miserable who invested money in housing projects. 
The city is expanding fast but there is no efficiency and skill to manage the physical growth of the city.
The once beautiful city Hyderabad which was known as the queen of Deccan looks like a war ravaged city.  The city desperately needs good leaders who can manage the growth with efficiency. Many registered housing co-operative societies formed in the gated communities have become the hot bed of corruption in the absence of proper regulation and audit of the societies’ accounts. 
Recently, the residents of a reputed gated community in Gundlapochampally were up in arms to remove the corrupt Managing Committee which was looting the residents’ money. In the last six years the committee has looted more than Rs 3 crores from the society’s Corpus Fund and Maintenance Fund. There is no transparency in account statements which gives scope for money laundering. Bad Roads and corruption in housing societies may collapse the real estate sector in the city.
Today cattle farmers do not get the grazing ground; green fodder is not available and water becomes scarce in many places. If true patriotic leaders can save water bodies and raise the ground water table, the cattle farming will become a booming economic sector.  Crores of rupees of subsidy paid to cattle farmers for purchasing buffalos are lost when the farmers sell the animals after consuming the subsidy. Preventing thefts from the mines and stopping the frauds in banks is purely a patriotic act because the loss from the mines and the banking sector shakes the economy from its root. 
In Hyderabad there is a reported incident of bank fraud every two days. If we calculate the total amount due to bank fraud in the city in the last five years, it will be more than several lakh crores of rupees. If the saga of fraud is not checked the fraudsters will completely ruin the banking sector in India; the damage has already been done and the disease is contaminating other cities. Only an efficient patriotic leader can take action to prevent the menace of fraud in the city. 
Bold, efficient and genuine patriotic leaders will work relentlessly to protect the rich biodiversity, the priceless handicrafts and handloom traditions which add high value to ordinary organic and inorganic material. Those leaders can check the relentless loot from the mines of Odisha, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand. The cost of minerals looted from the mines in the last three decades can build many educational institutions, hospitals, research centers, stadiums and libraries across the country.  In fact, the chief ingredient of a developed nation is the working patriotism and not a loud patriotism. 



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