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How the merciless Zionist state of Israel is being heroically defied by Palestinians

By Harsh Thakor 

State of Israel has boundlessly continued to rip the flesh of the Palestinian people, to champion Zionism. Nevertheless, Palestinians led by the National Liberation Movement with relentless or death defying courage are retaliating the Israeli might, like a phoenix rising from the ashes or cornered tigers .A protracted battle is simmering.
During September the blood thirsty State of Israel has mercilessly hounded the Palestinian people. Only during the month of September at least 84 abductions by the Israel Defence Forces [IDF] occurred. These abductions took place in all the Palestinian territory, including Jenin, Ramallah, Gaza and Jerusalem, among others. In one of the biggest operations, the IDF abducted 17 people, including two teenagers among them. In others abduction attacks occurred with rubbed bullets, tear gas and hand grenades fired by Israeli forces at those who resisted their intrusion.
On 1st of September the Israeli forces attacked the weekly March against the colonization that Israel tries to carry out. This March has regularly taken place since 2003. IDF fired live ammunition and killed seven Palestinians and injured dozens of others due to gas intoxication in the northwest part of the occupied West Bank. That same day, Israeli forces killed a 36-year-old man and wounded other three during a military assault in the city of Aqaba, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank. Fighters from the National Liberation Movement valiantly staged resistance with the IDF.
Days after, on September 4th, Israel again unleashed an assault on the Jenin refugee camp. That day, at least 40 military vehicles and bulldozers barged into the refugee camp while drones and helicopters flew in the air. IDF utilised a high-precision suicide drone to attack armed fighters of the National Liberation Movement.
On July, the Israelis army resisted one of the most blood pounding revolts since the 2nd Intifafada in 2005. In that refugee camp, there was a conglomeration of armed groups that has intensified the armed resistance during past years. This resistance groups has done several actions through the occupied territory of Palestine. On 12th September, Tulkarm Brigade claimed the Israeli checkpoint attack as own. The National Liberation group asserted that it is a retaliation of the raids and arrests across the occupied West Bank.
On September 12th, a demonstration was held commemorating the occasion of the anniversary of the withdrawal of Israel from the Gaza Strip which was attacked not only with tear gas and rubber bullets, but also a bomb which was detonated which killed five people and injured another 25.
Protesting this attack, the Palestinian people in Gaza, staged a demonstration On this occasion, rubber bullets and tear gas were fired again, making twelve people injured. Reporter Ashraf Abu Amra was victimised and ended up with a hand that had to be operated, needing to amputate one of his fingers due to the injuries.
Armed groups of the National Liberation Movement have undertaken military exercises in Gaza Strip demolishing designated targets in the sea and did exercises in memory of the 18th anniversary of the Israel withdrawal in Gaza Strip on 12th September. Also that same day, two Israeli settlers were injured, one of them critically due to an operation of the National Liberation Struggle in near the city of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank. The bourgeois press condemned the Palestinian resistance groups for the violence against the settlers, but it obliterated years of tyranny imposed upon the people of Palestine. The spokesperson of a national liberation group stated that this is a “natural response to the crimes of the Israeli occupation, in light of the incursions to al-Aqsa Mosque compound and its people, the demolition of homes, a displacement war, and attacks on freedom and education.”
Again, demonstrations sprouted because additionally to what happened in the past marches, there were a series of abductions and arrests of people in Gaza and in other occupied areas of Palestine, such as Nablus. On September 15th Israel attacked a march with missiles and artillery in an armed resistance zone of the east of Gaza. On pretext of being an area of the “Islamic Resistance Movement.” In the demonstration on Monday, September 18th, Israeli soldiers shot at two Palestinians, wounded dozens and caused great damage in the area.
There have also been attacks by Israeli settlers who seize areas or even villages recognized as Palestinian areas and inhabit them deploying weapons and with the backing of the Israeli Army. In village of Jalboun, at north of Jenin, armed settlers attacked a village to invade it. Later, Israel’s Army registered the houses, threatening the neighbours to shoot them if they return Later, on September 17th two Palestinians were stabbed by an Israeli settler in Hebron. When Palestinians retaliate against the violence they are stripped of possessions and land, and they revolt against settlers with armed attacks such as the one that occurred on September 13th. In such cases, the Israeli army conduct raids and mercilessly abduct dozens of people indiscriminately.
However, the most targeted enemy by the State of Israel are the fighters of the National Resistance Movement, since they are those who valiantly stage armed resistance towards the invasion against the Palestinian territory. On September 20th, the death of six Palestinians was reported in clashes between the Israeli army and militants of the National Resistance Movement in three different cities and also left 31 injured according to official sources. Israel’s Defence Forces falsely claimed that it was an “anti-terrorist activity” action and forcing them to launch fire against them.
The same day, an invasion of the city of Tubas in the northeast of the West Bank, to abduct a young man, but the combatants of the National Resistance Movement counter attacked and and blew up an armoured vehicle. Finally, the person chased could not be arrested.
Harsh Thakor is freelance journalist



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