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Despite bombardment, Palestinians resist aggression, global solidarity continues

By Harsh Thakor* 
The state of Israel continues to embark on its genocidal policy against the Palestinian people, both in Gaza and in occupied West Bank. In the West Bank, 314 Palestinians have been killed since October 7, and more than 3,800 have been injured. At least 21,110 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, one third of them children, and there are 55,243 injured, 8,663 of them are children and there are more than 7,000 missing. In addition 80% of the population have been displaced from their homes, a total of 2.3 million inhabitants.
Since October 7 the National Resistance Front of Palestine has fired around 12,000 rockets against Israel. The IDF also announced the withdrawal of the battalion that suffered a humiliating defeat on al-Shujaiya on 12th December, when it suffered nine casualties in an ambush. In recent days several actions have been undertaken that have killed  seven other Israeli soldiers, raising the figure of deaths to 167 acknowledged by the state of Israel, including several other seriously injured.
The Zionist State of Israel and Yankee imperialism are also butchering other peoples who are staging solidarity with the Palestinian people. Recently the Israeli army has murdered three civilians in the south of Lebanon, as part of its offensive against the Lebanese people. In retaliation, after these events, Hezbollah fired 30 missiles against the Israelis. In Syria, on Monday, December 25, the Israeli army has bombarded Damascus and killed a high-ranking officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
The newspaper Yeni Demokrasi reported on the death of Abu Muhammed, member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) during the Israeli bombardment in the Sheikh Ridvan neighborhood in Gaza. Also, Halide Jarrar, one of the leaders of the PFLP was detained during house raids by Israeli soldiers in Ramallah. Inspite of facing the consistent   bombardment from Israel and imperialism, mainly Yankee, the Palestinian people and the rest of the people of the world in solidarity, relentlessly continue to challenge Zionism and imperialism. 
Since mid October Yankee bases have faced the brunt of 102 attacks (until Friday, December 22), 47 in Iraq and 55 in Syria. In one of these attacks, three Yankee soldiers were injured, and Yankee imperialism responded by bombing an Iraqi armed group. Funeral of a Iraqi militiamen martyrized by the Yankee bombing. 
Yankee imperialism has decided to deploy a joint military operation, “Operation Prosperity Guardian“ to promote  the interests of imperialist shipping companies. Imperialist companies such as Maersk have announced that they will return to the Red Sea, after being temporarily isolated from it, which caused a great diversion to their maritime routes. This declaration has not stopped the solidarity actions in Yemen by Ansar Allah (“the Houthis”), who have continued by conducting a drone attack against the Israeli port of Eilat.
Battles around Bureij refugee camp and Khan Younis in Gaza
Protracted battles continue in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. The Israeli forces are trying to go to encircle the Bureij refugee camp in Gaza, and are facing counter resistance from fighters of the Palestinian national resistance front. IDF soldiers have been killed and injured in the battles. According to reports, a minefield was detonated north from the camp and the national resistance fighters have managed to hit a special unit of the IDF in direct combat. In southern Gaza, battles continue near Khan Younis, with two Merkava tanks reported to have been destroyed. Rockets were also launched towards southern Israel. On Friday, Palestinian national resistance fighters clashed with Israeli soldiers in at least 13 locations in the occupied West Bank. In addition to this, the Hezbollah carried out at least 8 attacks near the Lebanon-Israel border. The Israeli military also announced that an officer of the IDF, Captain Harel Sharvit, was killed in battle in northern Gaza.
On the 29th of December the death toll of the genocide of Israel in Gaza crossed  21,500 people, and is quickly escalating , with over a 100 dead in the last 24 hours, as Israel intensifies the bombing of southern Gaza. Israel is bombing the same areas where people were instructed  to ”evacuate”. On Friday, it also fired at an UN aid convoy which was travelling  along a route which had been agreed upon with the army, patronised  the US Congress to approve an ”emergency” weapons sale to Israel, amounting to $147,5 million. 
International solidarity actions continue
In Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, the newspaper A Nova Democracia reported on a rally in front of the US embassy to condemn the genocide against the Palestinian people. The rally, organized by the Mining Committee of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (of Minas Gearais), protested in front of the consulate of the capital denouncing the bombings of the population of Gaza, which has already left more than 20.000 deaths. Rally in the Yankee embassy in Brazil. 
In Izmir, Turkey, the democratic newspaper Yeni Demokrasi reported  the police attacking a protest in support of Palestine. The newspaper explains that the police attacked the people who carried a banner that read “All the relationships with Israel must end” and they proceeded to kick and detain at least 21 people. Some of the people, who suffered this torture, stated that “they will not silence our voice in solidarity with the Palestinian people”. Demonstration attacked in Izmir, Turkey. 
In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, rallies in front of the Yankee embassy carried out yesterday protesting against the Yankee imperialist actions and against the State of Israel for the genocide committed in Gaza. Demonstrators in front of the Yankee embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
In Quetta, Pakistan, on 26th of December there was a massive mobilization headed with the slogan “Free Palestine”. Thousands demonstrating in Quetta in defense of the Palestinian people In the capital city of Morocco, Rabat, on 25th December thousands demonstrated, condemning the massacre and the occupation of Gaza, and demanding its regime to terminate the relationship with the State of Israel. Massive demonstration in Rabat, Morocco. 
All over France, Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire (LJR) has made different actions. In Rouen, graffitis with the slogans “Free Gaza!” and “Palestine will live, Palestine will win!” were painted. Also in the city Givors, with the slogans “Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!” or “Israel = Terrorist State. Zionists out of Palestine!”, and in Strasbourg, with slogans such as “In Gaza or in Nanterre, it is just to rebel”. In Toulouse, a boycott action against Zara was conducted on 24th of December, due to its advertisement that reminds of the bodies of the Palestinian martyrs.
In València, Spanish State, graffitis in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle shimmered. The slogans “Long live the armed struggle of the Palestinian people” or “Dare to struggle, dare to win, Free Palestine” were painted. Graffitis in Valencia, Spanish State. Source: Servir al Pueblo. In England, several mobilizations have carried out, particularly the ones in London and Leeds: Demonstration with hundreds assembling on 23rd December. In Aarhus, Denmark, there was a massive march: Massive march in Aarhus, Denmark. 
In Milan, Italy, hundreds demonstrated in support of Palestine: Hundreds demonstrating in Milan, Italy. In New York, United States, there were several protests in the recent days, one of them, on 26th December, was massive, It is reported that several demonstrators were detained and a police officer injured. Massive demonstration on the streets of New York. In Toronto, Canada, there was a massive demonstration against the genocide committed in Gaza and in support of the Palestinian people. Massive demonstration in Toronto. 
In Melbourne, Australia, there was a massive march demanding the liberation of Palestine and the end of the genocide in Gaza. In Seoul, South Korea, there was a march to the US embassy denouncing the Yankee and Israeli genocide in Gaza. In Melbourne, Australia, a rally was held in a shopping center, calling to end the genocide carried out by Israel. In Rabat, Morocco, a rally was held against Israel and US imperialism, protesting the normalization of diplomatic ties with Israel. Thousands attended the rally in Rabat, Morocco. 
In Yemen, hundreds of thousands have again taken the streets in Sanaa and other provinces under the slogan “With you to victory, the Americans will not stop us”. Massive protest in Sanaa, Yemen.  Protesters blocked traffic on two major US airports, Los Angeles International Airport and New York’s JFK International Airport on Wednesday in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Protesters blocking the traffic to JFK airport in New York. 
In Paris, France, a massive demonstration was held on the 30th of December in support of the people of Palestine. In Saint Étienne, France, activists of the LJR have carried out actions with the Palestine Committee 42. In Tokyo, Japan, a rally in support of Palestine was held on the 30th of December. 
In Hamburg, a rally with around 300 participants denouncing the genocide carried out by Israel was organized on the 27th of December. Activists of the Red League held a speech, in which the role of the imperialists, especially German imperialism, was denounced and the intensification  of the international anti-imperialist movement was called for. 
*Freelance journalist



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