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Religious ideologies have miserably failed to plant finer human emotions like love

By Sudhansu R Das* 

The safety of the nation, life and livelihood of the people is always above any religion. So, the leaders of all religious communities should do everything to remove the seeds of hatred which germinate to ruin the environment for multiple economic activities that give peace and happiness to a family. The religious ideologues should teach their communities everything about spiritual pursuit without any motive. True religious preaching should replace hatred with love and fellow feelings. 
 It is not necessary that all will follow one religion; what is necessary is to give proper understanding of religions to common man; courage is needed to reform religions for a better society, family life, environment and for a better social and economic life. Look at the endless newspaper reports on the internecine wars, over exploitation of natural resources from countries governed by weak and gullible leaders, military aggressions, terrorism, torture of human beings in the name of religion and mono sector based economic growth.
Violence, deaths and mayhem in Africa, Europe and in Asian countries show that religious ideologies have miserably failed to plant finer human emotions like love, sympathy and fellow feelings among their followers; they fail to guide the greed infested leaders. The greed blurs the wisdom of leaders. John Milton in his epic “The Paradise Lost” explains how Satan, a fallen angel pollutes the minds of his followers who work for Satan to create a hell out of heaven. Everything hellish is showcased as modern and beneficial for his followers. How to escape the influence of Satan is the biggest challenge before human civilization. 
 John Milton in the famous epic said Satan is a rhetorician who can woo his followers at will; his main aim is to reign in hell rather than to serve in heaven. He chooses his own followers who replace the natural environment with hell fire. Satan, a perfect devil, who can camouflage his real intention to rule with the help of his flowery speeches; he can sell dreams to people with effortless ease. This is like a catch 22 situation for the entire human race who can either try to escape the influence of Satan or serve him for their own annihilation.
Genuine religious ideologues, scholars, researchers, social workers and media experts should unmask Satan and bring back true leaders from their slumber. Noted scholar of Milton’s work, Stanley Fish said Satan dwells in human minds and gives people an educative dance. Not all human beings can expose the Satanic minds. It is the duty of the scholars, teachers, judges, media experts and the social scientists etc to guide people to safety before the entire planet becomes unlivable for humans. 
The increase in the intensity and the number of natural calamities, landslides, earthquakes, rise in temperature, loss of crop diversity, increase in hunger, malnutrition, violence, unemployment, unrest and wars will clear the road to hell. Climate change, rise in sea level, desertification, depletion of groundwater, air and water pollution and disappearance of flora and fauna confirms the earth is no longer suitable for human living. Seven star hotels, private jets, bullet trains, malls and costly cars etc cannot increase the happiness level of people; rather it would increase their obsession which will turn them into psychopaths to do more harm to their surroundings. 
 The winter and spring have vanished from many parts of the world; the spell of summer has increased and rain either does not come or comes with a flood. Agriculture lands are starving for water or get inundated due to frequent flood; the quality of soil has deteriorated due to the over use of chemicals. Rain, choked drains, polluted water and air kill more people in urban centers; the urban infrastructures are collapsing under population pressure. The world community is left with one option to survive -- repair nature, rethink about your needs and control your greed.



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By Anandi Pandey, Sandeep Pandey*  Probably even the British, who introduced railways in India, would not have done what the Bhartiya Janata Party government is doing. The number of Sleeper and General class coaches in various trains are surreptitiously and ominously disappearing accompanied by a simultaneous increase in Air Conditioned coaches. In the characteristic style of BJP government there was no discussion or debate on this move by the Indian Railways either in the Parliament or outside of it. 

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By Rajiv Shah Rating India's civic space as repressed , Civicus, a global civil society alliance, in its new report submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) on the state of civic space in the country has said that the use of sedition law against the Modi government’s critics continues. "Under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, sedition cases have increased by 28 per cent with over 500 cases against more than 7,000 people", it says.

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Counterview Desk  Condemning what it calls "the horrific spree of mob lynchings across the country after the Lok Sabha election results", India's premier civil society network, National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), has called for "united resistance" against "hateful communal politics, mob lynching of religious minorities and caste-based oppression".