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Prosecute BSF personnel for torturing woman near West Bengal border fence

Kirity Roy, Secretary, Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM), writes to the Chairman, National Human Rights Commission, on a woman physically assaulted by BSF in routine manner in public place and falsely implicated:

I would like to draw your immediate attention to the incident of Mrs. Sahida Bibi, 42 years of age, resides at village Gobra (Brahmonpara) under Block & Police Station Swarupnagar at North 24 Parganas in West Bengal, who suffered torture by a BSF person from D Company, 112 Battalion of BOP Mihir (Gobindapur).
Around 9 am on 27th December 2022, Sahida Bibi was on the way to her field. At Gate No 18 of the border fences, Avijit Sil, a BSF man questioned about the lunch box she was carrying and found beef meat. He suddenly kicked the lunch box, the food littered on the ground and severely beat her while the victim lady fell on the ground.
The incident entails an apparent violation of Article 21 of the Constitution of India, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) of which India is a party. The incident and subsequent impunity legitimize our long-standing demand for immediate ratification of the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment and Punishment.
Hence, I seek your intervention in the aforementioned incident with the following demands to get justice:
1. Under the particular law, should prosecute the perpetrator BSF personnel under appropriate penal provisions in an open court of law based on the complaint by the victim to the Officer in Charge of Swarupnagar Police Station, North 24 Parganas.
2. Recommend the authorities take all necessary measures to guarantee the physical and psychological security and integrity of the victim.
3. BSF authority should compensate her for all the medical expenses the victim incurred.
4. BSF of Mihir (Gobindapur) BOP should immediately withdraw the false FIR against Sahida Bibi.
5. Training needed for BSF persons that they should be devoid of communal identity while dealing with people who reside at the border area.

Fact-finding Report

Around 9 am on 19th December 2022, Sahida Bibi was on her way to work, accompanied by her son Omar Osman Khan, who is a fifth-grade student. On the CPWD road at the Gate No 18 at the border fence, where she met BSF Constable Avijit Seal, who enquired about the tiffin box she was carrying. The box had her lunch – rice and a few pieces of beef meat. About to show him of the content in the box, the constable was furious knowing the beef items he immediately kicked for which all the eatable items littered on the ground. The lady protested and questioned his behavior, while the constable used filthy languages. Suddenly the constable started beating her with a stick, pushed her on the ground but the thrashing continued. And in the course of action, the constable tore her saree and blouse. In the meantime, Post Commander of BOP Gobra, arrived on the spot and repeatedly ordered the constable To stop doing the nuisance and let him leave the lady. But the Avijit Seal ignored the order and continued thrashing. Later the lady complained of the incident to the Company Commander of BOP Mihir (Gobindapur) but no action was taken by him against the offender. Later in the day, the lady sensing a medical urgency visited the emergency department at Sarapul Rural Hospital at Swarupnagar Block. Sahida Bibi lodged a complaint to the local police station and based on that complaint Swarupnagar P.S. (Case No.1195/2022 dated 27th December 2022) was registered against the perpetrator BSF Avijit Seal, 112 Battalion. She narrated the whole incident to the Officer in Charge of Swarupnagar Police Station, a copy of FIR was attached along with this mail. I have attached the scan copies of her medical reports and FIR, along with this complaint. Zakir Hossain Fakir, a farmer, was the sole witness to the incident with Sahida Bibi. Based on her complaint on the night of 27th December 2022, the officers from Swarupnagar PS spoke to some of the witnesses of the incident and then they met the concerned person at the Gobra BOP. In retaliation, BSF too filed a complaint at Swarupnagar P.S. (Case No.1199/22 dated 27th December 2022 under section 188/506) against the victim Sahida Bibi. During the fact-finding MASUM noted that many people who were witness to the incident, due to the fear of BSF, had kept mum. In the meantime, the FIR by BSF against Sahida Bibi, the ACJM Basirhat had granted bail which she was falsely subjected to. On 22nd January 2023, two BSF men visited her house with a letter written in English, and asked her to sign on the paper. The lady is illiterate and does not understand what is written on the paper. Sensing some abnormality, on the advice of the panchayat Pradhan and other villagers she refused to sign the letter. Since the incident, BSF men are pressing her to withdraw the case against them by forcing her to sign on a written statement which is ineligible to her.



Misleading ads 'manipulate, seduce, lure' to market unhealthy harmful food

By Our Representative  The Nutrition Advocacy in Public Interest (NAPI) in its new report “50 Shades of Food Advertising” has sought to expose how seductive, luring, manipulative or deceptive these advertisements can be. Consequences of such advertising are increased intake of unhealthy food products that is associated with obesity and diabetes, it says. 

Why's Govt of India reluctant to consider battery storage system for renewal energy?

By Shankar Sharma*  If having so many small size battery energy storage system (BESS) at different locations of the grid, as in the report from Australia (a portfolio of 27 small battery storage projects across three Australian states that will total arounds 270 MWh), is considered to be techno-economically attractive in a commercially driven market such as Australia, the question that becomes a lot more relevance to Indian scenario is: why are our planners not in favour of installing such small size BESS at most of the distribution sub-stations not only to accelerate the addition of RE power capacities, but also to minimise the need for large size solar/ wind power parks, dedicated transmission lines and pumped storage plants; which will also minimise the associated technical losses.

Swami Vivekananda's views on caste and sexuality were 'painfully' regressive

By Bhaskar Sur* Swami Vivekananda now belongs more to the modern Hindu mythology than reality. It makes a daunting job to discover the real human being who knew unemployment, humiliation of losing a teaching job for 'incompetence', longed in vain for the bliss of a happy conjugal life only to suffer the consequent frustration.

A Hindu alternative to Valentine's Day? 'Shiv-Parvati was first love marriage in Universe'

By Rajiv Shah*   The other day, I was searching on Google a quote on Maha Shivratri which I wanted to send to someone, a confirmed Shiv Bhakt, quite close to me -- with an underlying message to act positively instead of being negative. On top of the search, I chanced upon an article in, imagine!, a Nashik Corporation site which offered me something very unusual. 

'Failure of governance': India, China account for 54% pollution-related deaths globally

By Vikas Parsaram Meshram*   A recent report jointly prepared by UNICEF and the independent research organization Health Effects Institute has been released, and the statistics within it are alarming. It states that in 2021, air pollution caused the deaths of 2.1 million Indians, including 169,000 children who hadn't yet fully experienced life. These figures are indeed distressing and raise questions about why there hasn't been more serious effort in this direction, putting policymakers to shame. 

New MVA-INDIA MPs asked to raise Maharashtra milk farmers' demand

By Our Representative  All-India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) national president Dr Ashok Dhawale and AIKS Maharashtra general secretary Dr Ajit Nawale have asked three newly-elected MPs of the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA-INDIA) from the milk belt of Maharashtra Dr Amol Kolhe (NCP),  Bhausaheb Wakchaure (SS), and Nilesh Lanke (NCP), to take up the cause of milk farmers of Maharashtra in Parliament.  After congratulating them on their resounding victory over their BJP-NDA rivals, the AIKS leaders apprised them of the milk farmers struggle which is intensifying in the state under the leadership of the AIKS and the Milk Farmers Joint Struggle Committee, and requested them to support it. All three MPs agreed not only to support, but also to take the initiative in this struggle, an official AIKS communique claimed. Farmers in Maharashtra are currently getting as low as Rs 24-27 per litre for cow milk, which is being sold in the market for Rs 56-60 per litre, the AIKS leaders noted. The low price to farmer

Report suggests Indian democracy 'hasn't achieved' equitable economic decentralization

By Vikas Parsaram Meshram  The news that the current economic inequality in the country is worse than during British rule is unsettling. This suggests the harsh reality that our democracy has not achieved equitable economic decentralization. A recent report by Thomas Piketty and three other economists reveals shocking findings: in 2023-24, the top 1% of the wealthiest people in India hold 40% of the nation's wealth, with a 22.6% share in income.