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Canadian govt's Khalistan policy 'result of' free speech, pro-migrants policy

By NS Venkataraman* 
Referring to the policy of the Government of Canada  for "permitting" the activities of  those who are demanding and carrying campaign  for  independent state in other countries (for example by the supporters of LTTE in Sri Lanka and Khalistan in India),  Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar reportedly said the Canadian government should know the Newton’s  Third  Law. 
Newton's Third  Law states that  for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This  refers to a scenario that if Object A exerts a force on Object B, then Object B exerts an equal amount of force on Object A in the opposite direction.
The view is strong in the Indian foreign office  that the Canadian government is freely allowing the activities of separatist forces, which is creating serious problems for other countries like India and Sri Lanka. Such policy approach of the Canadian government gives an impression that it is "unconcerned" about the problems caused to other countries due to its policy of permitting  separatist activities  in Canada.
The is held by foreign office experts that the Canadian government seems to be justifying such policy approach, by claiming what it calls  “free speech policy of the government”.  However, it is not concerned about the "harmful impact of the free speech and free action policy" of the government on other countries. As for as the affected countries,  this free speech talk is a serious matter and  they would be justified in concluding that Canada, which permits  the activities of separatists, is a hostile country.
These sources think, Sri Lanka suffered enormously due to the ethnic  war caused by the LTTE separatists, who largely operated from Canada,  with the Canadian government closing its eyes on the activities of the LTTE on Canadian soil.  Prolonged internal war took place in Sri Lanka, for which Canadian government is largely responsible indirectly, by  providing   free territorial space to the LTTE separatists in Canada. While a few other countries in Europe too have done  this, Canada is the foremost country to have  permitted the LTTE separatists.
When the  Indian Foreign Minister referred to Newton’s Third Law, it is suggested, he obviously meant that India cannot remain a silent spectator, when   anti-Indian Khalistani separatist movement is being organised from Canadian soil and particularly with the Canadian government irresponsibly keeping its eyes closed. India has to necessarily  protect its territorial integrity, and whatever it is required to do so, it has to do  as required by the ground situation.
The foreign office experts note, when LTTE waged ethnic war in Sri Lanka with  considerable base in Canadian soil, Sri Lanka could do nothing about it, as it was a small country   facing local difficult situation. But, such would not be the scenario in the case of India, which is a large country with considerable muscle power to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty.
In several European countries also such liberal migrant, refugee policy has caused havoc in recent  times
In the past, it is suggested, Canada had the image of a large, prosperous and under-populated country. The Government of Canada adopted  an open arm policy  to the refugees and migrants from all over the world, perhaps with minimum   check and control. 
While such policy approach contributed and continues to contribute to  demographic imbalance in the country, Canada also has become a fertile country for separatists from other countries to establish  their base in Canada and operate freely against other countries. 
These experts are of the view that there is bound to be negative impact on the social and political climate in Canada due to such policy, which is a suicidal.  There is already some evidence   to indicate such trend.  In recent times,  there have been number of incidents of ethnic clashes and hate mongering in Canada.  
It is further pointed out that in several European countries also such liberal migrant/ refugee policy has caused havoc in recent  times,  with several cities in Europe including London, Brussels, having population mix and migrants outnumbering the natives. 
Supporting the stance of Donald Trump, former US President, they insist, he has correctly said that London  and Paris are no more recognisable due to the influx of migrants. Hence, European countries have now understood the gravity of the situation.
However, these observers think,  this could be too late now to retrieve the situation, as the migrants/ refugees cannot be thrown out of the country in any effective manner. The recent decision of the UK government  to send the asylum seekers to Rwanda indicates the level of concern in European countries.
The Canadian government should derive right lesson from the present predicament of European countries, it is underscored. It should also understand that  if it would facilitate separatists in Canada to harm other countries, then Canada  cannot escape from the consequence of Newton’s Third Law  becoming  applicable to Canada.
*Trustee, Nandini Voice For The Deprived, Chennai 



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