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Sengol imbroglio suggests reason why Modi, BJP don't respect modern Indian history

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat* 

The new parliament building opened on February 28. It looks it is not the Parliament but part of #Pratinidhisabhas' started by earstwhile #princelystates in India. The #BJP for long has been acting as if India is a #Kingdom and Modi ji the new #King of India. Even at the coronations of Kings, you find a large number of people, and dignitaries but look at the opening ceremony we have only one face as if he build everything. Is it the dream of a republic.
As I said, Narendra Modi and BJP have always loved #dynasts provided they are brahmanical in nature. All the heroes of the Sangh Parivar and Hindutva are actually dynasties and not really those emerged from democratic struggle. They only hate #Nehru because he converted India to a #seculardemocracy where people will matter. Nehru would have turned dictator and anointed himself as King of India but he opted for a political democracy.
Of course, there are numerous others who blame Nehru for being arrogant and brahmanical but definitely there is a huge difference between Nehru, his thoughts and action and that of the Sangh Parivar. Many of those who think that Nehru and RSS are the same are actually helping the cause of Hindutva under disguise. You can not defend the indefensible. After all, whose symbol of #Chakra which became the symbol of our republic. After all, if Nehru had agreed to all this what is being termed about #sengol then people like #Rajagopalachari would have been happier but Nehru never opted for symbol of a Kingdom for our new #republic.
Let me come to the real issue. Modi and BJP have not much respect for history of modern India as their organisation and leaders were on the wrong side. They cannot erase these facts and for that they have to reinvent and redirect historical facts elsewhere. They have to bring great 'Hindu' or what I would call #brahmanical kingdom. Now, it is fact that #sengol has nothing to do with Cholas but more with a mutt in Tamilnadu. The Mutth is now dominated by the Vellalar community which is a powerful community. 
As Karnataka has rejected them recently, BJP and RSS is working full time to use the religious mutths and temples for the Hindutva Project. Remember, Tamil Nadu despite #Periyar's movement has still the largest number of temples as well as caste violence against Dalits. #Kerala despite various communists and secular governments is still a highly religious society. Karnatska, despite BJP's electoral defeat recently, has big mutths and temples. BJP does its politics by mixing various things and their target for South India remain at the top of their political agenda and the reason for that is simple. Their political success has reached at the saturation point in north India where they might face a resurgent Mandal forces. 
Rightly or wrongly, South remained out of BJP but the party has not lost everything. Savarna hegemony is still there in South despite BJP not being there. In the post Mandal era when #dalits and #OBCs have now got an all India agenda, in the similar way, savarnas, brahmins and others have got an all India liking for each other. BJP is also an expert in exploiting the insecurities of upper caste. Therefore the whole Sengol thing is not merely meant for this parliament. They will forget it tomorrow but use this 2024 to blame #Nehru for everything. #DMK should remember this as BJP will take up the challenge in Tamil Nadu and use it to denigrate the #dravidian movement.
In all, all the seers from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka etc. were used to propagate the Hindutva ideology. It is time for all the political parties to be careful of it and reach the people. Don't allow yourself trapped in the Sangh Parivar propaganda to polarise people. Periyar's agenda is powerful enough but when the Dravidian parties and those associate with it support caste violence and dont allow Dalits to live their life with dignity and self respect, it means they are falling in trap of BJP.
All this drama is for 2024 Lok Sabha polls. So, opposition should fight the cause of India with inclusive politics. Fight hatred with love and inclusive ideals. The idea of republican India as espoused by our constitutional forefathers. Let the Secular socialist democratic republic of India live long and provide space and equal opportunities for all.
*Human rights defender



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