In Gujarat's Khambhat region two more die of silicosis: Deaths toll reaches 19, highest in a year

Kanti Mulji Parmar, 19th victim of silicosis in 2014
By Our Representative
Two more persons, Kanti Mulji Parmar and Prakash Khushal Parmar, have died because of the deadly occupational disease, silicosis, following long illness. With this, the total number of deaths due to silicosis in Gujarat this year has reached 19, highest in a single year. Revealing this, Jagdish Patel, who has been supporting agate workers’ plight in Khambhat region of Gujarat, says, “Both had may things in common. They stayed in same village, in same area. They were from same caste, Dalit vankar. Both were late thirties. They remained unmarried for the similar reasons -- their elder brothers had also died of silicosis.Both were agate polishers. Both lost their parents and brothers who also died because of silicosis. And, both died in September 2014.”